You have to urinate because the kidneys filter the blood removing waste and alter the composition of the waste. It mostly contains excess water that was used to help breakdown the nutrients into products that your body could use. Some of the products removed from the blood cells are urobilin, which give your urine its yellow coloring.

Unexplained bruising generally causes alarm and most people want to know the "why" and if a serious problem is responsible. Bruises can appear anywhere on the body and their location can be a clue to the underlying cause. Many minor factors can result in bruising, but knowing when a serious cause is present can be life saving. This article explores common causes and provides a concise base of information on unexplained bruising on legs'S.html'S-Disease.html'S.html'S-Genesis.html'Ts-During-First-Trimester.html'm-Having-Contractions.html's-Foot.html's-Disease-Diagnosis.html's-Disease.html's-Palsy.html's-Disease.html's-Disease.html't-Stop-Throwing-Up.html't-Get-My-Period-on-Birth-Control,-Am-I-Pregnant.html't-Sleep.html't-Stop-Crying.html't-heal.html's-kill-you.html've-Been-Bleeding-for-Two-Weeks.html't-talk.html