Side Effects of Beer

Commonly referred to as “liquid bread,” beer is an old and popular beverage around the world. Negative side effects of beer are generally due to the amount of alcohol that you consumed. However there are some ingredients that one may find they are intolerant of, such as that in beer. In these cases it is best to completely avoid the identified alcohol.

Side Effects of Beer

1. Fill You with Empty Calories

One 12-oz can of beer has anywhere from 100 – 200 calories but very little nutrition. This is detrimental to weight loss as your body will use the acetate creating by your liverinstead of burning excess fat for energy.

2. Low Blood Sugar Leads to Weight Gain

Consuming beer interferes with your liver's ability to convert glycogen into glucose. When blood sugar drops and your liver doesn’t create glucose, your body thinks it is hungry and you will eat the easily accessible foods. Furthermore, commonly referred to as “beer belly,” drinking beer may lead to abdominal obesity that many men and some women are suffering from.

3. Loss of Fluid Causes Dehydration

Beer is a diuretic, which means it increases the amount of fluids your body releases. If you drink beer when it’s hot, you will lose an excess amount of fluid causing you to dehydrate.

4. Affect Those with Celiac Disease

Beer is commonly made from barley, which contains gluten. Those who are sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease need to avoid most beers. Now many companies are beginning to make gluten-free beers as well.

5. Lead to Accidents

Accidents could be one of the side effects of beer that you need pay attention to. Your motor skills and attention become impaired which can cause minor accidents such as falling out of your chair, or major accidents such as crashing your car.

6. Increase Blood Pressure and Acid Reflux

Consuming more than 40g of beer daily can create health problems such as high blood pressure and acid reflux which are definitely not the thing that anyone would want to experience.

7. Create False Strength

Drinking large amounts of alcohol can lead a person to believe that they are stronger than they truly are. When they put their muscles to the test, they usually end up injuring themselves, which is surely one of the side effects of beer that you wouldn't want to experience.

8. Lead to Next Day Illness

The next day, those who consume large amounts of beer may have a severe headache accompanied by cotton mouth and other symptoms which would surely have some very bad influence over the quality of life.


It is believed that a woman having one drink a day, or a man having two drinks a day can be healthy consumption and may even provide some benefits. Even though, as a man, it is said that you can have two beers or alcoholic beverages a day, make sure that you drink them over a long period of time instead of chugging them one after the other.

That being said, if you do not consume alcohol now, there is no reason that you should start it in the first place concerning all the side effects of beer. Drinking more than one alcoholic drink in an hour impedes your judgment and increases the likelihood that you will have a traffic or household accident. Eating a healthy diet and moderately exercising has a lot more benefits for living a healthy life than drinking in moderation.

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