Body Pain

Body pain is experienced by many persons. The underlying reasons can vary right from a minor viral infection to cancer. In some cases the pain may go away quickly and in other it may be persistent. The onset of pain may also be sudden or it may develop over a period. In both cases there is need to have your body checked up and the process of treatment determined. What are the causes of full body pain? When should you be worried when pain in particular body parts occurs?


Cause and Treatment of Full Body Pain

1. Chronic fatigue syndrome


The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include headache, muscle pain, fever, swollen lymph nodes in armpit or neck, and sore throat.
The whole body experiences pain and the patient has difficulty in concentrating on his/her work.
The fatigue that sets in is debilitating and can interfere with normal life of patient.


The treatment is largely administration of over the counter drugs most of the being painkillers and antidepressants and medication for anxiety. Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may also be given for easing the pain.
The patient has to go through a regimen of exercise and has to avoid high sugar and high fat food to ensure that the fatigue syndrome is kept under control.
Alternative medicines therapies like acupressure, herbs, and chiropractic medicines may be administered to ensure return to normality in quick time.

2. Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia affects ligaments, tendons and muscles. Symptoms include fatigue full body pain. The patient has difficulty in sleeping too.
The Fibromyalgia may be triggered by hypothyroidism because of under active thyroid glands.
Other causes may include bacterial or viral infections but the exact mechanism of such triggers has not yet been fully known. In this respect, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are similar.


Alternative systems of medicines such as relaxation techniques, acupuncture and going through low impact exercises is the best treatment for Fibromyalgia.
Treating fibromyalgia involves receiving physical or occupational therapy. Injections of Lidocaine at some trigger points may also be given to alleviate the pains of the sufferer.

3. Influenza


Symptoms of Influenza include chills, dry cough, mild to severe headache, sweating, nasal congestion, weakness, vomiting, and fatigue may also be present.
The cause is viral infection and the disease is curable completely if patient is given rest for some time.


The major treatment is rest and drinking of fluids.
Administration of antiviral medicines like zanamavir or oseltamivir can be given for treatment of influenza.

4. Other causes

There are many other conditions that can cause full body pain. These range from Vitamin deficiency, lead poisoning, thalassemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism and other causes including cancer. All these conditions involve full body pains and other conditions given above. You should work with your healthcare provider to determine the exact cause and get treatments if necessary.

7 Body Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore

The following pains are not to be ignored at all since they indicate very severe conditions that can be debilitating for a person. In extreme cancer is also indicated. Hence if you come across any of the flowing conditions, get yourself checked immediately and get treatment very urgently.

1. Sudden head pain or neck pain

If you get any sudden pain in the neck or head particularly when squatting with heavy load, you should stop immediately whatever doing take rest. The underlying cause could be a blood vessel getting pressed or a muscle getting overloaded.

2. Extreme pain in groin area

Squatting, lunges or dead lifts and a sudden pain in groin area don’t go together. Sudden pain might be as a result muscle cramp or a muscle pull. Repeating the action is not recommended with the same intensity, but if you get the same pain even at lower intensity, the chances are you have pulled a muscle and you should stop doing whatever you were doing and take complete rest for 4 days to a week for complete recovery.

3. Sharp back pain

Any back pain is to be treated as an emergency and sudden pain more so. The advice is to stop the activity you were doing and take immediate rest. Sharp pain in any area of back is not to be ignored at all. It says something is wrong somewhere and immediate action is necessary. A jerky action can ruin your life.

4. Ankle pain when running

While running, if you have acute pain in the heel or the ankle, it is necessary that you stop running altogether and stop pushing yourself completely. The pain in the joint or a ligament fracture cannot be repaired immediately and if you do not stop, you may further aggravate the situation requiring you to be out of your favorite sport for a longer time.

5. Persistent shin pain

Another type of running injury is shin injury. The effective remedy for persistent pain in the shin area is to stop all the running altogether, take rest and see the sport medicine specialist without delay because if the pain is persistent, it could mean something more serious.

6. Arm pain

Arm pain might mean cancer. If the pain is in shoulder and neck area down to the muscles of your hand, stop and get checked up. If it does not stop after resting, it might be a type of cancer and it might have gone undetected had it not been for your pain in the arm.

7. Bloating pain

Bloating pain in neck can be cause of cancer. If your stools have changed shape or your stools are tinged with blood and you have feeling of urgency in urinating, you probably need to stop completely and start check up immediately.

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