What to Know about Sexual Intercourse After a C Section

Regardless of the process you use to give birth (through a C section or normally) your body requires time to heal. According to many healthcare experts, you need at least six weeks of rest before you can have sex again. This is ample time for your cervix to close, any tears/repaired lacerations to heal, and for your post-delivery bleeding to cease.

You can also opt to wait longer before having sex if you feel the need to. Actually, some women will resume sex only a few weeks after giving birth while others prefer waiting longer than the six weeks. Some factors that can cause further delays in resuming your sex life include fatigue, fear of pain and stress. There are also many tips you can take with intercourse after a c section to make the experience more pleasurable.

When to Have Sex after C Section

If you recently gave birth through a C section, it is normal to have doubts and questions regarding the appropriate time to resume your sex life. Most women assume they can have sex immediately since they did not give birth the normal way. However, this is very far from the truth.

After undergoing a C section, it is also required that you wait for at least 6 weeks before resuming sex. Actually, it is best to wait until your next doctor’s appointment before you resuming. During this checkup, the doctor will assess your incision and the healing process. They will also want to ensure that your post-delivery bleeding has stopped before they can give you the go ahead to have sex.

Is Sex Painful After C Section?

Normally, you are bound to experience some pain during sex after having a C section. Some women complain of painful sex even after visiting the doctor and being given a go ahead for having sex. The type of pain mostly experienced by women during sex after a C section is more of a burning sensation than a stretching pain. Most women think that the pain is caused by abnormality in the vaginal path. However, if there were any abnormalities, the doctor should be able to pick it up during the six weeks examinations.

Some women who have had C sections for more than one child complain of painful sex each time they resume the activity after a C section. However, the pain ends after a few times. Using lubrication can go a long way towards easing the pain and discomfort. If you happen to experience discomfort and pain during sex, you can ask your partner to remain still until the pain subsides. Once the pain stops, you will be able to enjoy sex again.

On the other hand, if you feel that the pain is too much to bear, you can consider holding out for a few more weeks without sex before resuming. This gives your body more time to heal properly. After a few weeks, you will be able to enjoy sex without the pain.

Tips on Sex After C Section

If you decide to have sex as soon as your six weeks are up, there are tricks you can use to make it easier for your body and your healing incision.

Start with the positions you find most comfortable. For example, side by side or spooning would be a good idea. This will put the least pressure on your abdomen, which is where the incision was done. The abdomen remains sore for a while and you're advised to put the least pressure on it. As you recover, you can try out other positions. During the recovery process, you should consider oral sex over intercourse. It is not only comfortable, but also safer. Ask your partner to be careful not to blow air into your vagina as it can enter the bloodstream, and this can be dangerous.

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