Anal Sex During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, vaginal sex is largely considered safe. Nevertheless, if you want to spice up your sex life while pregnant or find vaginal sex difficult to cope with during pregnancy, anal sex is an option. Most people that would like to try out anal sex often wonder about its safety especially during pregnancy. In this regard, there are a few things you need to know before you make up your mind on anal sex during pregnancy.

Is Anal Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

When it comes to your unborn child, it is advisable to keep away from anal sex if you suffer the risk of a premature birth. Otherwise, anal sex is safe for the mother and baby as long as proper hygiene is practiced and there are no signs of premature labor. In order for anal sex to be a worthwhile experience, there are certain things you ought to put into consideration. Anal sex increases the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. If you are not in a monogamous relationship and you are not sure of the status of your partner, it is best to avoid having anal sex. If you must have sex, use a condom.

Warnings and Risks of Anal Sex During Pregnancy

1. Inflammation and Other Conditions

While pregnant, the expectant mother is always at a higher risk of suffering from constipation and hemorrhoids. Having anal sex may aggravate the problem as it can inflame your anus. This can cause tearing and bleeding. If you are already suffering from anal inflammation, hemorrhoids, anal pain or bleeding, it is best to abstain from anal sex. Anal sex under such conditions will only aggravate the problem.

2. Hygienic Issues

Proper hygiene is of utmost importance. The anus has bacteria that can be harmful to the vagina. These bacteria can harm the expectant mother and the baby. If you are engaging in anal sex, you should not allow your partner to insert the penis in the vagina after he inserts it in the anus. If they must, it is best if they first wash up with soap and water. If you are making use of condoms, he should use a new condom if you are to engage in vaginal sex too. The same can be said for oral sex.

3. Contraction

Orgasm is also an issue during anal sex. If the expectant mother is at risk of paternal labor or they suffer from frequent contractions that last for too long (more than an hour) after having the orgasm, it is important that they see a doctor. Uterine irritability or contractions are normal after sex during pregnancy. However, they should be gone after a short while. If the pregnancy is under 37 weeks, prolonged contractions after orgasm should be discussed with the doctor.

4. Placenta Strain

If the expectant mother suffers from placenta previa (this is when the placenta covers most of the cervix), having anal sex may cause strain to the placenta. This happens as the penis thrusts against the cervix via the recto-vagina septum. It can also be caused by the contractions after sex. This distress on the placenta can result in bleeding that can endanger the pregnancy.


As it is common with sex while pregnant, there are certain things a couple can do to make it more blissful. Communication and lubrication are very important. If anal sex is new for you, it is best to take it slowly. Talk to your partner during the process to ensure you are both comfortable. The anus may not be lubricated enough for the whole session. It is advisable to stock up on lubricants for the anal sex sessions.

For more details on anal sex during pregnancy, you can watch the following video:

More Precautions on Anal Sex During Pregnancy

1. Avoid Numbing Creams

You can find plenty of numbing creams for expectant mothers. These numbing creams make it possible for mothers not to feel pain during anal sex. However, this can be dangerous. Pain is a good indicator of when things are going wrong. While using the numbing gel, the expectant mother can get hurt and not even realize it. A good alternative to using numbing cream is to engage in anal foreplay. You can use your tongue, finger and sex toys.

2. Use Protection

While having anal sex, it is advisable to use a condom. The risk of STDs increases when you have anal sex, and this can put the life of the mother and child at risk. Unprotected anal sex is only advisable when it is between couples who are sure of their partner’s status, and are both in a monogamous relationship.

3. Listen to Her

It is important for the male partner to ensure that the female partner enjoys the experience. Allow the expectant mother to dictate the speed and level of penetration that is most comfortable with her. Avoid being enthusiastic and rough as you normally are with vaginal sex. Give her time to get used to the activity.

4. Avoid Penetrating Other Places

Once you have started engaging in anal sex, do not remove the penis from the anus and insert it in her mouth or vagina immediately. You first need to wash up to get rid of any bacteria you may have picked up. The bacteria can cause serious infections in the expectant mother that can put the pregnancy at risk. Also, this can be disgusting and can take the fun out of the sex.

While these tips may seem restrictive, they are for the benefit of both the couple and the unborn child. If the expectant mother does not enjoy anal sex because of a bad first time experience, it may be hard or impossible to convince her to engage in sex while pregnant in the future.

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