How to Make Your Butt Grow Bigger

image001A well-shaped, big and attractive butt with fitted jeans definitely gets you noticed by people. You might wish to enhance your butt if you have a small one which is not as attractive as you want it to be, and naturally, you start looking for ways that’ll help get a bigger butt. To give your buttocks a boast, choosing the right pants to wear, performing specific exercises or use butt enhancing creams could help make your butt noticeably bigger. Check the following steps to make your dream of bigger butt come true.

How to Make Your Butt Grow Bigger

1. Walk the Cat Walk


Alter your way of walking. Carrying yourself the right way has quite an influence on the parts of your beautiful body. What needs to be done is just follow these two rules: shoulders back and arch or curve the lower part of your back. This’ll not only enhance your buttocks making them prominent, but also slim your trunk a little as well as making your butt firmer and bigger.

Mimic the way models work on a runway. Think of an imaginary line that is going straight ahead of you on the floor and you need to follow that line which is placed right between your legs. Walk as if you are moving on that imaginary line and keep yourself focused to place your foot in the centre each time. Keep the next step on exactly on that imaginary line as the first.

2. Thin Your Waist


Thinning your waist means enhancing your butt. Clinching waist would give your butt a prominent look by proportion. Irrespective of your tummy size, you always dodge the viewer to think you have bigger butt. The following tricks may work:

A belt when worn over your shirt on the thinnest part of your waist might just do the trick. Look for a medium width belt or may be a large one and go for darker colors of belt. Dark belt on a soft colored shirt might work wonders. You might also go for girdle. But it is recommended that horizontal patterns or horizontal strips should be avoided.

3. Try Butt Enhancing Padding


Another way of making your butt bigger is by trying butt enhancing padding. Go for shapewear which lifts quickly without using major padding, or you can even try padded inserts which are purposefully designed just to boast your buttock on pants and of course jeans. Choosing the right size, according to your dressing is important so it doesn’t actually look fake. To your surprise, certain jeans companies sell jeans with butt enhancers. You can even be creative and make your butt enhancers yourself using simply foam or materials such as pillow etc.

4. Work the Butt Muscles

Watch a video for instruction on exercises to make your butt bigger, then read on for more butt-enhancing workout:

  • Squats


Position a barbell at the upper part of the back the shoulders or simply carry dumbbells in your hands. Positioning your legs as apart as you shoulders, crouch down pushing your buttocks back and keeping your knees bent. Maintain the back in a straight position and your head looking up when you squat. Bend your knees at 90 degrees, stay for 10 seconds, then repeat.

  • Stiff-Leg Deadlifts


Stand with your feet underneath a barbell. Bend down and hold the bar with hands wide open and palms facing downwards. Carry up the bar up from the floor and take a standing position. With slightly bent knees, bend down forward so that the bar you are holding move closer to your feet, keeping your back aligned and your head straight while performing this. Go all the way down touching the floor and then stand back up.

  • Walking Lunges


Walking lunges focus on the butt more efficiently as compared to other lunges due to the fact that more extension of hip is involved. Carry dumbbells in hands keeping them by your side (not more than 5lb if you are a beginner). Take a big step in forward direction. While keeping your trunk straight, lower the knee of the foot at the back to reach the floor. The front foot makes 90 degree angle. Before the back foot reaches the ground, swing it off to bring it to meet the front foot. Repeat these steps with alternate foot each time.

  • Flutter Kicks


Lie flat on a yoga mattress with your legs and even your hips. Raise your legs from the level of the ground keeping them parallel to the floor. Begin exercise by lifting left leg and putting right down, then lifting right leg and putting left down. Alternatively lift and lower both your legs. This is an easy exercise which involves fluttering of your legs. You can rest after you get exhausted. To intensify this exercise, you can add up weight on your ankles.

5. Use Enhancement Oil and Creams

  • Fish Oil


Although not a cream, but it’s a good tactic to make your butt bigger. Women rub fish oil on their butt to make them bigger and they do it one or two times a day. Just so you know, fish oil can be smelly so please cover a plastic wrapper after putting up this oil on your butt. You can also find capsules and oil pills which are unscented. You’ll start seeing results after a couple of weeks if you use 1 to 2 capsules on each butt cheek a day.

  • CURVE Enhancement Cream


CURVE is a natural cream for butt enhancement which works to make your butt bigger. It gives you an advantage of improving your butt size without risks. Within a period of 60 days, you can make your butt grow bigger many inches with CURVE.

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6. Try Butt-enhancing Pills

  • Major Curves


Major Curves Butt Enhancement is yet another way for you to build your butt 100% naturally. It is a mixture of Saw Palmetto Berries and Fenugreek Seed and other ingredients include Fennel Seed, Wild Mexican Yam, Blessed thistle, L-Tyrosine, Kelp, Dong Quai, and Mothers's Wort.

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  • Brand New Booty


Brand New Booty, a butt supplement, whose use is now trending because it can make your butt 30% bigger than it is now. Additionally, there would be no weight gain in undesirable areas. It is also a natural way of increasing butt.

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