Corona Light Calories

image001Corona beer is one of the world’s most popular beers. It is available in 150 countries and is Mexico’s best selling beer. Corona and Corona Light are often enjoyed with a wedge of lime. It makes a great addition to a Mexican meal and is a very popular summer drink. It has a light, fruity flavor without being overwhelmingly sweet. This also makes it a good choice for a chaser when drinking a bloody Mary.

Corona Light Calories

A traditional 12 oz. serving of Corona contains 148 calories and contains 4.6% alcohol. Corona Light has only 109 calories and is 4.5% alcohol. It usually ranks quite high on beer ranking lists, even if the lists are not focused on calories or dieting. Since Corona is such a popular beer, the lower calorie option offers a great alternative to those who love beer and want to keep their calorie consumption under control.

Beers that Don’t Make You Fat

Comparing various beers allows you to determine which option is best for dieting. Even similar beers have varied tastes, so if you know which are low in calories, you can sample different ones to determine which you prefer. In addition to comparing taste and overall calorie content, you can also compare calories per ounce of alcohol.

Below are listed some beers that don’t make you fat, which are great choices for weight watchers.

1. Aspen Edge


This beer contains 94 calories and is 4.1% alcohol. It contains 191.1 calories per ounce of alcohol. Aspen is the low carbohydrate option offered by Coors. Coors has a light beer, but this one is focused on carbohydrates. Some dieters prefer to count carbs and not worry as much about calories, which makes this a great option.

2. Beck’s Light


This beer contains 64 calories and is 3.8% alcohol. It contains 140.4 calories per ounce of alcohol. Beck’s is one of the more expensive basic beers. Since the alcohol content is higher than many light beers, you will likely drink less than you would if a beer has a lower content of alcohol. This also helps to reduce the overall calorie consumption.

3. Miller Genuine Draft 64


This beer contains 64 calories and contains 2.8% alcohol. It contains 190.5 calories per ounce of alcohol. It is one of the lower calorie beers, but contains far less alcohol than the other choices. Its claims to not taste like a light beer even though the calorie content is comparable to light beers, but most beer fans claim it is flavorless.

4. Michelob Ultra


This beer is 95 calories with 4.1% alcohol. It contains 193.1 calories per alcohol. This beer is low in carbs, but most beer drinkers rate it low on the taste scale. Dieters that are more focused on carbohydrates than they are on calories might enjoy this beer, but if your goal is to watch your weight in general and you enjoy the taste of beer, there are probably better options.

5. Miller Lite


This beer has 96 calories and is 4.2% alcohol. It contains 190.5 calories per ounce. Though more calories overall, the calorie to alcohol ratio in this beer is the same as Miller Genuine Draft 64. However, it has more carbohydrates than MGD 64.

6. Corona Light


This beer contains 109 calories and 4.5% alcohol. It has 201.9 calories per ounce of alcohol. Many beer drinkers report this is one of the best tasting light beers available. Corona is a Mexican beer with a light, slightly fruity flavor. It is not difficult to transition the original flavor into a lighter version. Most agree it tastes the most like the original version of its beer.

7. Natural Light


This beer is 95 calories and contains 4.2% alcohol. It contains 188.5 calories per ounce of alcohol. Most beer aficionados are not fans of the taste, but it is cheap and readily available, making it a popular choice.

8. Milwaukee’s Best Light


This beer contains 98 calories and is 4.5% alcohol. It contains 181.5 calories per ounce. It is known as an inexpensive beer that is readily available in most regions. It is a favorite among many beer drinkers because of its classic flavor and low calorie content.

9. Milwaukee’s Best Ice


This beer contains 144 calories and is 5.9% alcohol. It has 203.4 calories per ounce of alcohol. This beer is inexpensive and readily available in most areas. The calorie content is higher than many of the light beers on the list and the flavor is not necessarily a standout. Most people agree there are better options, but this will suffice if you are searching for a cheap beer with moderate calories.

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