Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

Can you get pregnant from precum? A common misperception is that you cannot get pregnant when your partner pulls out before ejaculation. Although there is less semen in the fluid on a man’s penis pre-ejaculation, there still may be semen in the penis that can end up in the precum. There are many other questions surrounding the odds of pregnancy, such as can you get pregnant from dry sex? Check out the FAQs about getting pregnant.

What Is Precum?

Precum is the clear fluid that is on the tip of a man’s penis when he is sexually aroused but before ejaculation. More properly, it is called pre-ejaculatory fluid or pre-ejaculate. This fluid is produced in the Cowper’s or bulbourethral glands located at the base of the penis. The pre-ejaculate lubricates and clears the urethra before ejaculation and ensures that acidic urine is not present in the urethra.

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

If one of the purposes of precum is to clear the urethra, it is reasonable to suspect that one of the things in the urethra might be semen. If the semen contains motile, living sperm, it is absolutely possible to get pregnant without ejaculation into the woman’s vagina. Obviously, the chances of pregnancy are lower when the man withdraws before ejaculation, so it is one method of birth control that has been used for centuries. This method of birth control is not reliable and should not be the only method a couple uses if pregnancy is not desired. There are many methods of birth control that are very reliable. Your healthcare provider can help determine which method might work best in your situation.

Other FAQs about Pregnancy-Can You Get Pregnant in These Situations?

Now that you know that it is possible to get pregnant from precum, you should also know about other situations where it may be possible to get pregnant.

1. Can you get pregnant from first time sex?

It is an old wife’s tale that you cannot get pregnant the first time you have sex. If the sex is unprotected, you absolutely can get pregnant the first time especially if your sexual partner is also inexperienced. Unless you or your partner have practiced putting on a condom, first time sex can be clumsy and it is probable that semen will enter the woman’s vagina.

2. Can you get pregnant from a condom breaking?

One of the most common problems that lead to unwanted pregnancy is when a condom breaks during sex. It is important to remember that precum can cause pregnancy so a condom should be used early in the sex act. If the condom breaks during the sex act, you must take action within 24-48 hours to prevent pregnancy. Your healthcare provider can help determine the best course of action.

3. Can you get pregnant from using a condom more than once?

Use a condom once then throw it away. As the condom is stretched, it becomes weaker and more likely to break if used more than once. It is also very likely that sperm may be on the outside of a used condom resulting in a higher risk of pregnancy.

4. Can you get pregnant from sperm on a man’s fingers?

If there are live and motile sperm on a man’s fingers that touch your vagina, there is a possibility that you can get pregnant. If the man has touched his penis, be sure he washes his hands thoroughly before touching your vagina.

5. Can you get pregnant from having sex during your period?

Although it is unusual, you can get pregnant from unprotected sex during your period. You will not get pregnant that day, but sperm can survive in your body for up to five days. If you ovulated within that five day window after sex, you could get pregnant without having sex during that more fertile period.

6. Can you get pregnant from oral sex?

You cannot get pregnant from performing oral sex on a man by stimulating his penis with your mouth. However, you should be aware that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be passed to you through oral sex.

7. Can you get pregnant from anal sex?

There is no connection between the anus and the vagina so you cannot get pregnant from ejaculation into the rectum. It is possible that ejaculate from the anus can run into the vagina and cause pregnancy so it is important for the woman to clean herself after sexual intercourse.

8. Can you get pregnant from "Dry sex"?

“Dry sex” is when two people stimulate each other by rubbing their bodies together without penile penetration of the woman’s vagina. If both people have their clothes on, it is very unlikely that sperm will be able to move through two sets of clothes even if ejaculation does occur. If you do not have your clothes on during dry sex, the chance of getting pregnant will increase. However, if the man does not ejaculate close to the vagina, the chance of pregnancy is still very low.

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