What to Eat in A+ Blood Type Diet

The book “Eat Right for Your Type” by naturopathic physician, Dr. Peter D’Adamo describes that people should take diet according to their blood types. According to D’Adamo, all the blood types have their own peculiar traits that are genetically encoded and they decide which type of diet is ideal for the person having a particular blood type. If this theory is to be believed then every blood type from A, B, AB to O has its own ideal diet. However, there isn’t enough research to back up the blood type theory or the A+ blood type diet.     

A+ Blood Type Diet

According to D’Adamo, if you have type A+ blood (or generally type A blood)then your immune system is sensitive.

What to Eat

D’Adamo suggests that the best diet for blood type A positive is a vegetarian one. He is of the opinion that people with blood type A+ should consume a diet rich in legumes, fruits, vegetables, seeds, whole grains, beans and nuts. However, he does not entirely recommend laying off meat and it can be consumed in small amounts. For instance, up to three servings of poultry or meat can be eaten in a week. D’Adamo also suggests that in anA+ blood type diet the eggs and dairy products must be limited to less than four servings per week.   

Recommended A+ Blood Type Diet Menu

Steel-cut oatmeal which is a whole-grain cereal along with fresh fruits is considered a good Breakfast in blood type A diet. Foods like peanut butter, nuts, fruits, rice cakes and seeds are among the typical snacks that are ideal for people with blood type A. A large salad having many fresh vegetables in it is a good lunch if your blood type is A while steamed broccoli with tofu and whole-grain pasta is a typical dinner, especially if it is topped with pesto sauce.     

Diet and Lifestyle Suggestions for All Four Blood Types

The dietary recommendations made by D’Adamo in his book Eat Right for Your Type” include:

A Blood Type Diet

You should consume a vegetarian diet which is low in fat but rich in carbohydrates. You can deal with stress by meditating or performing gentle exercises by playing golf or doing yoga. If you are not going to eat according to your blood type, then you will enhance your chances of developing heart disease and cancer (though this is controversial). 

B Blood Type Diet

You must eat a varied diet which includes meat and dairy products. Performing exercises like walking or swimming are good for you. Not eating according to your blood type is going to increase your risk of viruses that grow slowly and are harmful for the nervous system.

AB Blood Type Diet

Since you have the traits of blood types A and B in you, you can consume most of the foods that are recommended for people with these two blood types. Relaxation techniques and calming exercises are best for you to remain healthy. You immune system is the friendliest among all blood types.

O Blood Type Diet

Eat meat which is low in carbohydrate and rich in proteins but avoid grains or wheat. Perform vigorous aerobic exercise. If you are not going to eat according to your blood type then you will increase your chances of developing ulcers and inflammatory diseases like arthritis. 

Controversy Over Diet According to Blood Type

Since the blood type diet is very strict on the matter of the food types that you can eat, it does not give the person the freedom to make eating choice based on his personal taste. For instance, the A+ blood type diet which is more or less a vegetarian diet would not be very much liked by you if you are a fan of potatoes and broccoli.  

The limitations on the consumption of certain food items might deprive you from nutritional items that are necessary for your body. For instance, you might not get enough protein to maintain your muscle mass if your blood type diet restricts you from eating meat. Also, you would have to find a new source for calcium if your blood type diet asks you to cut down on dairy products.


It is important to decide whether you will be able to remain committed to this diet in the long run before trying it out. You will require persistence, hard work and patience for sticking to this diet and might have to increase your grocery spending too. Still, this diet may prove to be very promising and can help you in enhancing your health naturally. If you are interested in the Blood Type Diet, do keep in mind that recommendations for eating healthy foods for weight loss are backed up by science but there is no proof that restrictions on consumption of food items based on your blood type is helpful.  

Health Concerns of Diet Based on Blood Type

The blood type is the sole aspect on which diet recommendations are made in the Blood Type Diet. This means that if a person has diabetes, then he might be told to consume protein rich foods while another one suffering from the same disease is told to stop eating meat or dairy products. This might not go well with the diabetes treatment plan.

According to the American Diabetes Association, it is best to approach the daily eating habits in a practical manner. It also suggests on not focusing on certain foods and does not even recommend the cutting off of any important food groups. 

Conditions like high cholesterol, blood pressure or heart disease are not taken into account by the Blood Type Diet. Although the weight loss resulting from such a diet might have a good effect on these conditions, it is essential that you follow the guidelines set by The American Heart Association (AHA) for a low-salt and low-fat diet no matter what is your blood type.  

In addition to this, everyone must try to do strength training for 2 days on a weekly basis and aerobic exercise for 150 minutes per week. 

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