What's Cervical Mucus Like Before Your Period?

The cervical mucus alters throughout your period. The cervical mucus before period is going to be different than cervical mucus during and after your period. It is very normal to have cervical mucus that changes in consistency throughout your cycle.

It is also important to keep in mind that each woman's cycle varies, therefore the amount and type of vaginal fluid discharge will also vary. Some girls may even begin having a discharge of cervical mucus one to two years before they begin having periods.

Cervical mucus can be very helpful when you keep track of it. When you begin to track your discharges, you will begin to notice which part of your menstrual cycle you are nearing; this is especially important if you are trying to get or avoid becoming pregnant.

Cervical Mucus Before Period

Your cervix will produce the largest amount of cervical mucus about 14 days (ovulation time) before your period begins. CM before period is usually clear and colorless. At this point in time, the mucus also has an elastic consistency which can be stretched between your fingertips. The clear, colorless elastic cervical mucus is often referred to as the fertile mucus. There is more mucus before period because the estrogen in your body catalyzed the glands to encourage more mucus discharge. However, from ovulation on to a few days before your period, the mucus is thicker and drier or sometimes resemble milk. The thickness, color, and texture are all indications as to when your period will start..

Stages of Mucus Between Periods

The mucus during your period will be different from cervical mucus before period. Generally you will notice that your mucus may be extremely dry right before your menstrual cycle begins.

Stage 1: Right after your menstrual cycle ends, it is normal to not have any cervical mucus. Often, this stage of your menstrual cycle will last for a few days, known as “dry days.” Most of the time having sexual intercourse during this phase will not result in pregnancy. However, it is still unadvisable to have unprotected sex since there is not a set time frame for this phase in the cycle; you may still become pregnant.

Stage 2: Your cervical mucus will begin to increase in quantity as you move into stage two of your cycle. The cervical mucus may be extremely sticky during this stage as an indication that ovulation has not occurred yet, but it will in about a week.

Stage 3: During stage three the amount of mucus discharge will increase again and will become cloudy. This is the stage in which you may notice a bit of mucus on your underwear instead of just when you wipe or purposely check. This is the last stage before ovulation. This is an important stage to monitor your mucus because sexual intercourse within three days prior to ovulation may still result in a pregnancy. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy it is safest to avoid sex, or use protection.

Stage 4: About day 14 of your cycle you will ovulate. During this stage of ovulation you will again see an increase in your mucus quantities; however, it will become more clear and elastic. The mucus before period is often comparable to the look and consistency of egg whites. Remember the cm before period creates the perfect environment for fertilization. This stage lasts about three days and is considered the best stage for intercourse when you are trying to become pregnant.

The cervical mucus before period changes several times throughout your menstrual cycle. Once you have ovulated, your mucus with go through several more changes as you cycle back to the beginning of your next period. Keeping close track of your mucus discharge will be very beneficial to helping you determine which state of your cycle you are in and how fertile your body has become. Most of the time, these changes cycle through a 28 day period; however, it may range from 21 to 45 days.

What Cervical Mucus Looks Like During Period

  • Egg white cervical mucus is the most fertile as it allows the sperm to easily swim to the cervix. It is generally higher in acidy as well which allows for longevity of the sperm. This cm has the consistency of egg whites, and can be stretched about two inches between the fingertips without breaking.
  • Watery cervical mucus still makes it easy for the sperm to swim, but it is not as easy. This watery mucus is the second best indicator that you may become pregnant if you have sexual intercourse during this stage. There are times that you may feel like you are leaking urine into your underwear, it’s clear and will drip off your fingertips.
  • Creamy cervical mucus is extremely thick and may prevent the sperm from swimming into the cervix. Most of the time it will be pearly white or creamy yellow. Creamy mucus has the texture and feel of lotion on your fingertips.
  • Sticky cervical mucus is the least fertile of all CM types. It is often chunky with the texture of paste which makes it almost impossible for the sperm to swim into the cervix.
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