Sperm Friendly Lubricant

It is very common for a woman to experience intermittent vaginal dryness. In these cases, lubricants can be used to relieve that symptom. However, when a couple is trying to conceive a child, a vaginal lubricant may not be the best answer since vaginal lubricants are known to kill sperm and make the vaginal environment inhospitable for sperm. That being said, there can be occasions when a woman is at the height of her fertility and her vagina is just too dry for comfortable sex. Even though it is usually best NOT to use a lubricant when you are trying to conceive, there are a few options for lubricants that are “sperm friendly”.

Will a Lubricant Inhibit Conception?

The short answer to this question is: Yes, a lubricant might actually inhibit your ability to get pregnant. Most lubricants used to enhance sex will interfere with the pH of the cervical mucus and may, in fact, kill the sperm necessary to conceive a baby. The vagina is an acidic environment that will naturally kill sperm if they do not move quickly through the vagina and into the more neutral cervical mucus. At the very least, many lubricants will decrease the motility of the sperm so that they cannot swim up the vagina and through the cervix to the egg. The best lubricant is that created by the woman’s body – and that lubrication will increase by being patient during foreplay so that the woman will react naturally.

Sperm Friendly Lubricant

Although water-based lubricants do not directly kill the sperm, they will tend to decrease the ability of the sperm to move through the vagina. A sperm that cannot move quickly out of the acidic vagina will not be able to make it to the cervix and fallopian tubes. In addition to slowing sperm motility, a water-based lubricant may also interfere with the pH of the cervical mucus. Any lubricant that contains any kind of spermicidal agent should definitely NOT be used when you are trying to conceive.

Other than a woman’s natural fluids produced by her body, there are a few other options that may be “sperm friendly” lubricants:

1. Natural Options


For those who do not want to spend the money on over-the-counter lubricants, plain warm water may be just enough lubrication to make sex more enjoyable. Although some people may recommend egg whites or canola oil o mineral oil, there is no evidence to show that these options are safe or that they will not decrease sperm motility. Again, the best option is to let nature work with you. Engage in foreplay and allow the woman’s natural lubrication to build up before sex.

2. Pre-Seed


An option to water-based lubricants is a product called Pre-Seed. This lubricant more closely matches the pH and consistency of the cervical mucus and provides a more natural fluid environment for the sperm. Pre-Seed comes with an applicator that can be used to deposit the lubricant high up in the vagina by the cervix. This lubricant does contain synthetic chemicals and preservatives but studies that show that sperm are not harmed by the Pre-Seed lubricant and conception can occur using this product. It is available on-line or in most drug stores. Again, this product is not as good or convenient as a woman’s own fluids, but it is better than most water-based lubricants.

3. Yes Baby


An organic lubricant, Yes Baby is another sperm friendly lubricant that is also vagina friendly. The primary ingredient in this lubricant is aloe vera oil from the aloe vera plant. Each package contains two different kinds of lubricant. One is intended to be used by couples who are trying to conceive and the other is intended to be used after ovulation to help with vaginal dryness. The kit also contains a set of five ovulation tests to ensure that the couple has sex during the woman’s most fertile period. This is an expensive option since a one-month supply costs almost $30 – plus, you will also pay $7 for shipping.

4. Conceive Plus


Developed and sold by Sasmar, Conceive Plus claims to be safe for sperm motility and sperm survival, thus safe for fertilization. It contains magnesium ions and calcium and imitates the body's own natural fluids. Conceive plus is available as individual applicators or in multi-use tube. This product was said to be formulated by doctors and is perfect for couples wanting to conceive a baby because it enhances sexual activity and increases the likelihood of conception.

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