Lump on Top of Foot

Lump on top of foot can be ganglion cyst, bursa sac, fibrous mass or bone spur, which may be the result of aging, foot trauma, unfit shoes or excessive stress on the foot.

If these ganglion cysts, bursa sacs, fibrous masses and bone spurs don’t cause pain or other related complications, they don’t need surgical movements. Just leave them alone. Otherwise, seek medical help and check out with your doctor.

Here is a list of home remedies to alleviate the lump on top of foot

  • Anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen
  • For ganglion cysts, aspiration can be helpful to remove fluid
  • For bone spurs and bursa sacs, apply cortisone injections
  • Apply ice pack
  • Massage the deep tissues
  • For bursa sacs, motion exercises and physical therapy are good options
  • Take enough rest and lose weight if necessary.
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