Best Toys for 3-6-Month-Olds

In the 3-6 month age range, your baby will begin to start playing with toys as he figures out what his hands, feet and voice can do. Toys during this phase need to be big enough that they cannot be put in the mouth since this is the age where EVERYTHING finds its way to the child’s mouth. Be sure to check labels on all toys to ensure that they are appropriate for this age. Small parts and anything that can cause suffocation or strangulation should not be given to children from 3-6 months old. Check out the best toys for 3-6-months-old can help the baby develop both his body and his mind.

Best Toys for 3-6-Month-Olds

1. Activity Center

image001An activity center is a great toy for a child 3-6 months old since it provides a series of activities that your baby can use to begin to develop motor skills. Until your baby begins to sit up on his own, an activity center in the crib is a good option. Once the baby can sit up and wants to be more mobile, a free standing activity or one on a mat on the floor will be the best option.


2. Lightweight Rattlesimage002

This is the age when a rattle becomes an interactive toy for your child. Until about the age of 3 months-old, your baby will react to you shaking a rattle. During the 3-6 month range, your developing child will reach for the rattle and begin to shake it himself. By this age, most babies are intrigued by anything that makes noise – as long as they are not startled by loud noises. A rattle or musical rattle will be a perfect toy.

3. Activity Bars

image003An activity bar with hanging toys may be a perfect toy when your child is confined to a stroller or car seat. These toys allow your child to interact by hitting the toys and making noise if they contain rattles. Since these toys can be distracting for a tired baby, you may find that you want to reserve these toys for “awake” time. Baby’s crib may not be the right place for this toy.

4. Stuffed Animals

image004If you had a stuffed animal that you kept (and may still have), this is probably the age where you got that toy. A safe stuffed animal is one that a child can sleep with or on without having to worry about buttons that can come off or wires that can poke the baby. A perfect stuffed animal is one that is soft without ANYTHING that the child could remove and choke on. Remember, this is the age where your child will want to “taste” everything.

5. Board Books

image005By this age, your 3-6 month-old will want to begin to “read” stories to you. Board books are extremely durable and can tolerate all the abuse that a child this age can dish out. Sit with your child and alternate your reading with her turning the pages, chewing on the pages, and making “reading” noises. By about 6 months old, your baby may have favorite books that you will read over and over and over again.

6. Bumbo

image006As your 3-6 month-old learns to sit up, a Bumbo seat may be a perfect way for your child to be upright and part of the conversation or meal. These seats provide the stability your developing child needs and is a perfect size to take with you when you go visiting or when you go to a restaurant. Very light weight, the Bumbo will take up very little room in your car but should NOT be used as a car seat for a child of any age.


7. Musical Toys

image007Musical toys are great at any age, but the 3-6 month-old range is when a child will really begins to understand that music can be enjoyable to make as well as listen to. Many age-appropriate musical toys that can be purchased including those that have built-in music and those require your child to do something to make the music. Either way, your child can begin to discover the joys of music during this time.

8. Other Toys

There are many other toys that are good for a child in the 3-6 month range.

  • A baby gym that extends over the baby lying on the floor will be a sure hit. Activity mat or quilt are also great choices because they give your baby a peaceful and colorful place to play and enjoy themselves.
  • DVDs and CDs are an entertaining way to begin to provide your baby’s education.
  • Colorful soft plastic teething rings can provide with your baby something to gnaw on, avoid putting the teething rings in a freezer as this will hurt the baby’s teeth and mouth.
  • Waterproof toys are great bath time diversions. Remember not to leave a child alone in the bathtub.

Look at the Baby Einstein line of toys for some great early education. For other ideas for children from 3-6 months-old watch a video at:

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