Normal Hair Loss

Every person’s hair fall, it is actually a part of the normal mechanism of body. “Hair fall” is basically vacating space for newer and healthier hair to grow and give you the glamorous look. The actual worry arises when the rate of hair fall exceeds the rate of new growth. Few factors are really important to maintain equilibrium between these two; these factors include:

  • Assured and stress free lifestyle
  • Regular, healthy exercise
  • Adequate nutritive diet

Read on to learn how you can tell if your hair is falling out normally or if you are suffering from premature hair loss, as well as ways to regrow your hair.

Normal Hair Loss vs. Excessive Hair Loss

What Is Normal Hair Loss?


A normal healthy human scalp will shed about 50-100 hair follicles per day. Not only this shedding is normal but it is extremely vital to create space for new hair follicles to grow. If these old hair are not shed, you will lose the natural shine of your hair. At this rate, your scalp is not losing excessive hair and there remains nothing to worry about.

People with longer and straighter hair more frequently complain hair loss; but in most cases they are not actually losing as much hair as they seem to be. The rate of hair growth is similar to the rate of hair fall therefore; you will ultimately have equal number of follicles at a time.

Excessive Hair Loss


Alopecia or clinically significant hair loss occurs when you witness lots of hair in your brush. When such clumps of hair follicles are shed continuously for more than a few weeks, it is time to visit an expert dermatologist.

Causes of hair loss are varied. It may be the tension in your life, or the mineral and vitamin deficiency or anemia or any other cause. Sometimes, the cause of severe hair loss is some serious condition developing within your body. Therefore, going in for medical treatment is recommended. At present, numerous men and women around the world are dealing with this critical issue and are pursuing distinct hair treatments and pharmaceutical support to reverse their situation.

How to Prevent Hair Loss

To avert unhealthy and excess hair loss and maintain healthy pretty hair, it is recommended to lower down the stress level of your life, try to take things and matters a bit lighter. Eat healthy, shift more towards green leafy veggies, soups and raw salads. Avoid junk food. Exercise on a daily basis is a must. It increases your metabolic rate and purifies your blood

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