Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

Hypoglycemia is a condition that causes low blood sugar levels, depleting the body’s main source of energy. Understanding the early onset symptoms of low blood sugar, such as nauseous feeling and blurred vision, can help you avoid more severe complications which include death. Then you can determine the causes of this condition to seek appropriate treatment. Hard candies or soda can be the first choice to relive the symptoms of a sudden episode of low blood sugar,.

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

  1. image001Mild hypoglycemia can take on a variety of conflicting symptoms. You may feel very nauseous, like you might vomit, or feel very hungry. Some begin to feel nervous, jittery or notice that they have a fast heartbeat. Some also notice that their skin has turned cold and clammy and that they are sweating.
  2. Moderate hypoglycemia often leads people to feel nervous, short-tempered, confused or afraid. In some cases people feel unsteady, experience blurred vision or have difficulty walking.
  3. In severe cases hypoglycemia can cause people to faint or have seizures. Extreme cases of this condition can lead to coma or death.


  • Those that have experienced hypoglycemia at night may wake up with a headache or still feeling tired. Nighttime occurrences of this disease can also cause you to experience nightmares or wake up damp from profuse sweating that drenches the sheets and pajamas.

Treatments for Low Blood Sugar

  1. image002Sudden episodes of hypoglycemia can be treated by eating or drinking a sugary substance. Easy, quick sugary foods include raisins, fruit juice, soda, hard candy or milk. Glucose tablets may also be helpful in getting your blood sugar level back up to a safe point.
  2. Those that suffer from hypoglycemia that is linked to a long-term health problem will need to see appropriate treatment. Your doctor can recommend steps such as taking medication, altering your diet or adjusting your exercise habits that can help you avoid low blood sugar.

The following video outlines herbal remedies used to manage low blood sugar:

When to See a Doctor

You should seek medical attention if:

  1. You appear to have symptoms of hypoglycemia. This can be a sign of a variety of serious illnesses.
  2. If you suffer from diabetes and using glucose tablets or eating does not improve your symptoms.
  3. You should seek emergency medical attention if someone you are with has diabetes or a history of hypoglycemia and has lost consciousness.
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