7th Month of Pregnancy

Congratulations! The 7th month of pregnancy is the beginning of the third trimester. You are closing in on giving birth. During the seventh month of pregnancy, weeks 29 to 32, you will begin to feel an increase in your discomfort level. Until your body finds its new center of gravity you may even find it difficult to walk. During this trimester you will begin to notice pressure building on your legs, bladder, and belly.

Physical Changes of 7th Month of Pregnancy

1. Weight Gain

During the seventh month of pregnancy you will notice a lot of weight gain. This is not because you are getting fat; rather it is because the baby is entering into its final growth spurt before birth. Due to the rapid weight gain you may begin to feel a bit clumsy; remember that you will get used to the changes within your body.

The average woman gains about 500 grams each week, you may even reach a point where you feel like there is not any more room for the baby. It is normal to have this feeling. As the fetus continues to grow, you may even experience more indigestion and stretch marks begin to develop.

2. Pain and Swelling

You may begin to feel more swelling and pain in your muscles and joints during the seventh month of pregnancy. This is because the uterus is growing at a rapid pace. The pain and swelling may even be accompanied by back pain. The growth of your abdomen is only a part of this, you also experience pain and swelling because your body is preparing to give birth. The pelvic joints need to loosen which may create leg cramps, swelling, and acute back pain.

3. Hot Flashes

Another extremely common symptom during the seventh month of pregnancy is hot flashes. As your hormone levels change, your estrogen levels are affected as well. When estrogen levels quickly drop, your body will give off surges of heat. Most of the time, the hot flashes are felt on the neck, head, and chest region. The sensation only lasts from about 10-15 seconds to a few minutes.

Even after delivery you may still experience hot flashes for some time. It is important that you understand the difference between a hot flash and fever so that you can treat it appropriately.

4. Other Physical Changes

  • ŸIt is not uncommon for your white vaginal discharge to become heavier. Colostrum may also begin to leak from your breasts and you may continue to have heartburn.
  • ŸYou will notice increased pressure on your diaphragm, liver, stomach, and intestines due to the growing baby. You will also notice more backaches, feel breathless, and have a sore rib cage and pelvis as your baby continues to grow.
  • ŸAs you put on the extra weight, you may start waddling to help maintain your balance.
  • ŸPregnancy in 7th month brings about more Braxton Hicks contractions. A Braxton Hicks contraction occurs when your uterine muscles contract as they prepare for the delivery, they feel extremely similar to birthing contractions.

Changes in Babies

At the 7th month of pregnancy your baby is almost fully developed. The baby may measure about 39 cm in length which is causing her/him to be more still because she no longer has enough room to move around. Her/his lungs and digestive tract still need to develop a little more, but her/his eyes are opening and closing and she/he may have some hair on her head.

At this stage in your pregnancy your baby may begin preparing for delivery by turning her head downward toward your pelvis. Since there is much room in the uterus, this movement can take several weeks to occur. As she moves and adjusts her arms and legs, the weight from her movements may throw you off balance for some time. Keeping good posture will help you maintain your balance.

During the seventh month of pregnancy, your doctor is going to begin keeping a closer eye on the weight and height.

Most of the time your baby will be sleeping as it develops its cognition abilities. Once you reach the end of the 7th month of pregnancy your baby should be well formed and begin most of its growing in terms of height and weight.

Taking Care of Yourself at 7th Month of Pregnancy

Once you have reached the 7th month of pregnancy, the baby’s organs are well developed giving it the time it needs to gain needed weight and gain other human behavior. It is highly recommended that you avoid strenuous activity during this trimester and avoid carrying heavy loads.

1. Exercise

When you do climb stairs, use the precautions available to you and use the hand railings. You may still remain physically active, just be cautious of the activities that you choose. As an example, you may choose to go on a walk instead of go for a run. Always consult your doctor and professional trainer for activities and exercises that are safe for you to perform.

2. Sleep

It is important that you ensure you get adequate amounts of sleep during this trimester. Not only are you expending your energy, but your baby is using your energy supply.

If you find that shortness of breath is preventing you from sleeping, try sleeping on your left side. This will help increase your blood flow so that you naturally sleep better. You may also find that overeating will prevent you from sleeping well.

3. Diet

Making small changes to your diet during the 7th month of pregnancy can help you and the baby become healthier. The easiest strategy is to begin eating whole foods and avoid the convenience foods. Instead of eating a bag of chips, try eating pretzels and nuts. If you are craving ice cream, try a bowl of fresh fruit with a cup of yogurt. Any small change will help you and the baby to be healthier.

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