How Soon Do You Have Pregnancy Symptoms?

Conception or pregnancy can be confirmed with the help of pregnancy tests even before you miss your first period or menstrual cycle. It has been observed quite frequently that in some pregnant women non-specific symptoms of pregnancy can be reported as early as first week of conception that may be different from the classic symptoms like nausea, vomiting. However, knowing you may be pregnant may help in devising optimal health boosting strategies for a healthy and uneventful pregnancy.

When do Pregnancy Symptoms Start or How Soon Can I Notice a Change Suggestive of Pregnancy?

According to a number of studies conducted by investigators and researchers, the fertilization of egg occurs within 12 hours of ovulation (and no longer than 24 hour post ovulation since atretic changes begin to set in). Most women are not able to detect or experience any symptoms of pregnancy until the implantation of zygote takes place. Usually implantation occurs within 7 to 10 days of ovulation. When a female conceive, the embryo generates HCG (a pregnancy hormone) after implantation and any signs or symptoms of pregnancy cannot be revealed before this process starts. Generally speaking, you may experience pregnancy symptoms in four weeks of pregnancy (pregnancy calculated from your last menstrual cycle). It is a fact that the more time a female wait after ovulation, the more accurate the result to confirm the pregnancy. Ideal time of testing pregnancy is the day on which the period is due.

What Are the Symptoms in Early Pregnancy?

Following are some early symptoms discussed which can be experienced by the body. It is important to keep this in mind that every pregnancy is distinct from other, therefore no need to get panic if you are not experiencing these listed early pregnancy symptom.



High BBT (Basal Body Temperature)

The basal body temperature remains high during the luteal phase. The high concentration of progesterone elevates the basal body temperature when ovulation occurs. If a female is not pregnant then body temperature will drop and she will experience her period normally.

Missed / No Period

The first symptom which a woman may experience is a missed period – menstrual cycles stop soon after conception. Although it is the most characteristic symptom of pregnancy, there are a number of other reasons which can also stop the periods like high stress levels, any surgery or some serious illness. It is also seen that some women may experience mild vaginal bleeding throughout their pregnancy but that is normal and referred to as implantation bleeding.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is another common symptom experienced by almost every pregnant woman. Most of the women experience morning sickness in their first trimester and for some women this continues till second trimester. Morning sickness doesn’t mean sickness occurring in the morning, it can appear any time in the day therefore eat enough so that the level of blood sugar remains normal. Ginger helps in relieving nausea and is a great natural remedy. But for some women it does nothing to help them and in all such cases, speak to your primary healthcare provider to seek pharmacological intervention.

Breast Changes

It is also one of the early symptoms which every woman experience in their pregnancy. A female may feel changes in her breast like:

  • The nipples become sensitive and tender.
  • Breast becomes lumpy and sore.
  • The color of nipples darken
  • The veins in the breast area become enlarged and more visible.
  • Areolas becomes enlarge and dark.
  • Small bumps on the areolas become enlarge.

Increased Cervical Mucus

Increase in progesterone may sometime result in the secretion of cervical mucus. Some women experience in small amount while some notice much. Using a panty liner can help in this condition.


After getting pregnant, the metabolism rate increases in order to give support to developing baby and to take care of the mother’s body. Due to this workload a pregnant female becomes very tired and may feel sleepy all the time. So, make sure to take ample rest.

Frequent Urination

When do pregnancy symptoms start? After a week of conception, a female will notice that she is dashing too much towards toilet and urinating in small amounts. This is natural, the reason is embryo secrete the HCG (pregnancy hormone) which needs more supply of blood in pelvic region. This makes the bladder irritable.


This is another early symptom of pregnancy which may increase anxiety and gives a fear of miscarriage. The uterus of non pregnant females continuously contracts while the uterus of a pregnant female also contracts due to the growth of fetus which pushes the wall of uterus. This is a natural process but if this is accompanied with bleeding then urgently contact your doctor.


After 8 to 10 days of ovulation, a female may experience light spotting. It is due to the implantation of embryo into the lining of uterus. This spotting is sparse and reddish brown colored (not fresh and copious like menstrual bleeding).

Constipation & Wind

During pregnancy the secretion of hormones increase which affects the intestine and makes it much relaxed. Due to this pregnant mommies often develop constipation. However, a number of lifestyle and home remedies can help in optimal management of constipation.

Sense of Smell

In pregnancy the sense of smell increases which bothers pregnant mommies a lot. Sometimes smell may become intolerable (and also leads to nausea. Especially the cooking smell and food smells are the big culprits. Knowing the triggers and avoiding the stimuli can help in alleviating this issue without much problem.

Nasal Stuffiness / Colds

Nasal stuffiness is one of the common issue occurs during pregnancy. During pregnancy antibodies production increases that helps the placenta in growing and developing (while also causing hormonal changes in the immune system). Due to hormonal influence, nasal passages get blocked and a female may experience flue and cold.

Pimples / Acne

Pimples and acne is another common issue that is reported in early pregnancy. It is also a natural process and settles down as the level of hormone stabilizes. Avoid squeezing pimples as it can leave a scar and may cause more acne.

Cravings / Changes in Taste

Pregnant mommies often develop food aversions during pregnancy due to funny changes in the residual taste and saliva production. It is also seen that the cravings increases in the pregnant woman that can be attributed to deficiency of minerals and vitamins in the body. Starting multivitamins is an excellent remedy in such cases.

Change in Color of Your Vagina

Vagina of a pregnant female becomes purplish as compared to the normal one due to increased blood supply in pelvic region.

Emotional Changes


A pregnant female may experience roller coaster of emotions. This is a natural process so there is nothing to get panic.

When do pregnancy symptoms start and what are those symtoms? Now you have a better idea. 

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