Mucus Discharge

Vaginal discharge has a function of removing dead cells and along with dead cells, bacteria, if any, is also removed. This is an important function of the vaginal discharge. A clean discharge is hardly noticed but if the discharge is smelly, differently colored, or is of different consistency, and vagina has itching and burning sensation, then there is cause for worry. What causes abnormal vaginal discharge?

Normal Vaginal Mucus Discharge

Normal vaginal discharge: Normal vaginal discharge appears as clear white, or cloudy white which may turn yellowish when dry. White flakes may also be sometimes present in the vaginal discharge. Emotional stress, use of medicines, and pregnancy related causes can change the appearance of discharge. Sexual stimulation, birth control pills, and changes in menstrual cycle can also cause change in vaginal discharge.

Effects of the menstrual cycle: The ph value (an indicator of acidity or alkalinity) of the discharge also may also vary during the menstrual cycle of a lady. The pH value is least acidic around the menstrual cycle and it is at this time, the infections are common since bacteria and virus can survive easily in this atmosphere. A woman may notice increased discharge during mid cycle with clear discharge and increased wetness.

Abnormal Vaginal Mucus Discharge

Signs of abnormal vaginal mucus discharge

  • Your discharge bloody when you are not having your periods.
  • The discharge has changed color from its normal
  • The vaginal discharge has clumps
  • There is noticeable smell from the discharge
  • There is a noticeable change in color of discharge. The yellow/green, gray/ white discharge, vaginal discharge with fishy odor, or accompanied by itching, burning sensation while urinating, are signs of abnormal vaginal discharge or infection.

Causes of abnormal vaginal mucus discharge

The common causes of the abnormal vagina discharge are the infection of vagina with bacteria or virus, tearing away of the lining, sexually transmitted diseases, extra discharge during pregnancy, shedding of lining after pregnancy. There are a number of causes and in each case the doctor will be able to know causative reasons and offer treatment.

Types of discharge

Causative conditions and treatment options

White or watery vaginal discharge with severe itchiness

The most common cause of watery or white discharge is fungal infection causing itchiness and soreness around vagina. The discharge is accompanied by yeasty smell. The smell is not very strong. The condition is called thrush. It is NOT a sexually transmitted disease.

The disease is easily treatable with OTC drugs from the pharmacist. Fungal infection medicines for local application are the best ones for these.

Grey or white fishy-smelling discharge

This condition is called bacterial vaginosis. It is caused by bacterial infection of vagina. The external indication is fishy smell and discharge immediately intercourse. The bacterial imbalance is usually the cause for this. There is no itching sensation.

The treating doctor may prescribe antibiotic and you will be treated quickly and easily. This is NOT a sexually transmitted disease. Even a visit to a GP will be enough.

Yellow Green or frothy discharge

It is a mild form of infection of vagina with bacteria and possible causes include yeast infection or infection with single cell parasite. The infection is transmitted sexually. The infection with single cells is called Trichomoniasis. Pain during sex is another indication of Trichomoniasis.

The treatment is through oral medicine. It cannot be cures by local application of medicine. Medicines like tinidazole or metronidazole taken in tablet form. Treating doctor may insist on treating your sex partners at the same time. Ensure that this is done. All sexual activities and contacts are to be stopped until the disease is cured.

Discharge with pain or bleeding

Pain while urinating, pain in the pelvic region, bleeding after sex, bleeding between periods, is indications of Gonorrhoea or Chlamydia. Both are caused by sexually transmitted infections. With Ghonorrhea, the discharge may turn green but the pain and/or bleeding may be the cause first noticed before the green discharge.

This is a serious condition and untreated Gonorrhoea or Chlamydia may spread inside your body and might cause more pain through inflammatory infection of the womb. overies or fallopian tubes. It is necessary that you see a GP or a sex specialist immediately

Discharge with blisters around the genitals

This is a serious case and perhaps an indication of genital herpes. The vagina and the portion around it get red blisters and sores also appear at the same time.

Instead of going to a GP the better way is to go to a genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic who can start you on an antiviral tablets. The tablet may stop viral infection from increasing, but will not completely go away quickly and the treatment might be long as the symptoms will return if not treated properly.

The additional causes for the discharge may be:

  • Steroid use. Steroid use has many bad side effects and cannot be controlled. Even long use of antibiotic and use of birth control pills may be the cause.
  • Cervical cancer may also the cause of such abnormal discharge.
  • Bubbly baths, scented soaps, lotions of various types, or douches can also cause change in the vaginal discharge.
  • Pelvic infection after surgery in the pelvic region.
  • Thinning of vaginal walls during menopause.

Remedies for abnormal vaginal mucus discharge

The remedies for changes in vaginal discharge are mostly preventive. A clean sex habit, clean and healthy living will reduce the incidences of infection.

  • Wear cotton undergarments only.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the vaginal region by mild soap and warm water.
  • Do not use the scented soaps and douches excessively. Avoid bubble baths if possible
  • Develop a habit of using the toilet tissues from front to back. This will ensure that the bacteria do not infect vaginal region.
  • Avoid tight clothing. This might cause excessive rubbing in the genital area.
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