How to Fake a Hickey on Your Neck

Many people are embarrassed by the sight of a hickey, or love-bite, whereas others embrace them. Some may even want tofake a hickey on the neck to make an ex-partner jealous, or to make people think that they regularly get passionate with a member of the opposite sex. Whatever the reason, if you'd like to have one on your neck, here's the detailed guide for how to make it possible.

How to Give Yourself a Hickey on the Neck

1. Use a Bottle

It is first important to note that this method can produce intense looking hickeys if done incorrectly and can cause injury to the skin. When faking a hickey on the neck, you should always do it on the side of the neck, and avoid the area of the throat.

  • Step 1: Use a two liter plastic bottle to push the air out by squeezing the middle section of the bottle with your hands. The more air you squeeze out of the bottle, the more intense looking and faster forming your hickey will appear. It may be wise to experiment by first only squeezing a small amount of air out of the bottle, and then placing it on your skin.
  • Step 2: Place the bottle flush over your skin on theside of your neck to create suction. Hold the bottle pressed against your skin for around fifteen seconds and quickly pull it away. This should be done in front of a mirror to ensure you can see exactly what you are doing.
  • Step 3: You may also wish to widen the hickey, as bottle tops are usually round, whereas mouths are more oval. Do this by repeating the technique again slightly to the side of the one you did previously.

2. Use Make-Up

Perhaps a safer way to learn how to give yourself a hickey on the neck is via the use of eye shadow make-up. The colors you need, dark blue, dark pink, or dark purple, can usually be found in large palettes of eye shadow. It should also be noted that this method is dependent upon skin-tone, those with darker skin-tones may have to use darker eye-shadow when faking a hickey.

  • Step 1: Once you have the make-up, grab a small sized make-up brush and first apply the pink colored eye shadow. Only use a mall amount of eye shadow at a time (around two taps on the brush from the palette), to ensure that the color of the faked hickey is built up slowly, ensuring for greater authenticity.
  • Step 2: Stand in front of a mirror, and ready the brush at the area you want the hickey (such as the side of the neck), and gently rub the brush on your skin in an oval motion of around an inch in size.
  • Step 3: Apply the purple eye shadow. Use slightly less blue eye shadow than pink (around one tap in the palette), and softly tap the eye shadow into the middle of the hickey area (where the pink eye shadow was previously applied). Next, using the whole brush, make oval shapes to replicate the shape of a hickey. You should try to gently blend the purple eye shadow to the outer edges of the hickey. Remember that once color is on, it can’t come off without removing everything, so when in doubt, use less.
  • Step 4: Apply the blue eye shadow. This is done the exact same way, with the same quantity of make-up as the purple eye shadow. By this time, the constructed hickey should look rather legitimate.
  • Step 5: Use make-up setting spray or alternatively hair-spray to spray over the area, ensuring the longevity of the make-up-formed hickey.

3. Use a Curling Iron

You can also use a hot curling iron to burn your skin in the same spot numerous times to form a mark that somewhat resembles a hickey. But it will be shallow and fade quickly.

Give Yourself a Hickey on Other Places

If you are trying to learn how to give yourself a hickey on the neck, an obvious problem arises, your mouth (the perfect hickey-creating tool), cannot reach the neck area. It is, however, quite easy to give yourself a hickey on other areas.

All you have to do is suck anywhere you can (such as your arm), really hard for around twenty seconds and stop. To get a darker/large hickey, repeat this process of sucking after stopping for five minutes or so. This sucking motion damages thousands of miniscule blood vessels, which form the bruise known as a hickey. You can also use your teeth, but the sucking motion is generally sufficient at causing a bruise/hickey.

How Long Does a Hickey Last?

The time it takes for a hickey to dissipate and disappear is dependent upon how large and how dark the bruise is. Generally, most hickeys last for a couple of days at least, and intense ones can remain visible for well over a week, maybe two.

What About Getting Rid of a Hickey?

You may have received one from a partner on your shoulder, or you may have learnt how to give yourself a hickey on the neck, either way, you may no longer want the love-bite to be visible. Unfortunately, in most cases as hickeys are just bruises, the only remedy is to wait for it to heal on its own. That being said, there're things you can do to speed up recovery.

1. Ice the Hickey

Apply ice to the area as soon as you receive a hickey for about 15 minutes every hour, inflammation will be reduced and the healing process will benefit.

2. Have a Good Lifestyle

Those who generally lead healthy lifestyles tend to heal from bruises faster, meaning that ensuring to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and remaining hydrated may also speed up the healing process.

3. Apply Heat

Usually when burst blood vessels have healed, the remaining visible hickey is blood that has collected beneath the skin. This blood will eventually be re-absorbed into the body, making the hickey disappear.

If you hickey doesn't disappear after 48 hours, apply a hot compress, hot water bottle, or by simply dabbing a towel in some hot water to increase the blood flow. It should be noted that this method should only be tried after 48 hours at least, to allow time for the blood vessels to heal; otherwise it may just exacerbate the issue and cause a bigger/darker hickey.

4. Try Mint Toothpaste/Peppermint Method

Peppermint oil and other mint-based oils and lotions, can work to increase blood flow when applied to an area. Mint toothpaste also works, and it is probably more easily accessible, although not as effective.

To do this, simply apply the peppermint oil, toothpaste, or other mint product onto the area of the skin where the hickey is. You should begin to feel a slight tingle, once this tingling sensation has stopped, remove the mint product from your skin. This method can be repeated, although overuse of this method is not recommended, as you may cause irritation to your skin.

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