Least Likely Time to Get Pregnant

Understanding the time when you are least likely to get pregnant is not that difficult if you are familiar with the pattern of your menstrual cycle and have an idea about the time period when you are most likely to conceive. A woman’s menstrual cycle starts at the beginning of her period and lasts till the beginning of her next period. During the menstrual cycle, which days are the safest to have sex? Which days are optimal for getting pregnant?

Least Likely Time to Get Pregnant

Days 1 till 7 of a woman’s menstrual cycle mark the period during which she is least unlikely to conceive. The reason for this is that her menstrual flow is at its maximum in these days. It is also generally believed that 3-5 days before having your period is also unlikely for pregnancy because ovulation has already happened and thus there is no egg to be fertilized.

Most Likely Time to Get Pregnant

A woman is most likely to get pregnant when she starts ovulating. This process of ovulation which involves the release of unfertilized eggs from any ovary of a woman takes place mid way through her period which is usually at day 14 in a 28 days cycle. Women whose periods follow an irregular routine and are not 28 days long, start ovulating at a different time as opposed to women who have a regular period cycle. For such women the ovulation process might start at day 7 if their period cycle is only 21 days long.

Ovulation does not last long and is over in a relatively short period of 24 hours. However, a woman’s body is capable of keeping the sperm alive for a period of around five days. This gives a woman a short window of about six days either side of day 14 of her period to become pregnant.

Refer to the following links to calculate your most fertile days, based on factors such as your last time to have period and the length of your period:



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