AB Positive Blood Type

AB positive blood grouping suggest the person has both A and B antigens in the serum. It is a considerably rare group with a worldwide prevalence of only 4%. Blood type is determined by the nature of antigens carried by the red blood cells, which are inherited from the parents. Knowing your blood type is extremely important for both medical and genetical.


How Is AB Positive Blood Type Determined?

ABO Blood Type Calculator

Determination of blood type of child requires the knowledge of the antigenic composition of parents. If you know the blood type of both parents, the blood type of child can be determined by this simple chart. Similarly, if blood group of mother and the child is known, the blood group of father can be easily ascertained.


For example, if the blood group of mother is A and the blood group of father is O- the baby may either have blood group A or O; however, if the blood group of mother is A and the blood group of father is AB +, the baby will have either of the blood group A, B or AB.

Positive and Negative Blood Type

The blood type of positive or negative is inherited separately from the ABO types. An Rh negative gene can be masked by an Rh positive genotype. So, if a person is of Rh positive blood, he can still have an Rh negative gene. Moreover, if both of the parents are of Rh positive blood, their child can be of Rh negative blood.

Blood Type

Genotype (DNA)

Rh +

(+ , -) or (+ , +)

Rh -

(- , -)

AB Positive Blood Donation

This chart below will serve as a basic guideline to help you in knowing what blood type can be accepted by AB positive blood body and what blood type may elicit a reaction.

AB Positive Blood

Who can donate blood to you if your blood type is AB +?

Who can receive the donation of your whole blood (or RBC concentrate)?

Who can receive platelets from you?

Who can receive plasma from AB + donors?

AB + can receive blood from any blood group (like A, AB, B and O)

Unfortunately, AB + blood group is referred to as Universal recipient (suggesting that your RBC concentrate can only help the recipients of same blood group i.e. AB +

Since platelets do not carry any antibodies or antigens, virtually all blood groups can accept platelets from AM+ donors.

Anyone can receive serum from AB+ donors since serum does not contain any anti A or anti B that may create the problem for recipients.

AB Positive Blood Diet

The antigenic composition or blood type also determines what type of foods can be consumed by the person. When compared to other blood types, those who have AB blood type need to maintain extra caution with their diet. This table below shows the foods that are healthy for AB positive blood type and nutrients that should be avoided.



Most Beneficial


Not Allowed

Meat and Poultry

AB + individuals are incapable of secreting gastric acid in large amounts. It is therefore suggested to avoid/ minimize the intake of animal proteins.

Rabbit, mutton, lamb and turkey

Almost all the foods except the nutrient sources listed in the next column

Chicken, quail, duck, pork, beef, hen, goose, pork, veal, venison and Cornish

High intake increases the risk of malignancy of gastrointestinal tract.


Individuals who have a positive family history of cancer (especially breast cancer) can introduce sea-foods like snail to decrease the risk.

Trout, Red Snapper, Hake, Ocean Perch, Tuna, Mackerel, Mahimahi, Monkfish, Sailfish, Shad, Snail, Sturgeon Pickerel, Sardine, Cod, GrouperPike, Porgy

All except those listed in right column.

Bluegill Bass, Barracuda, Beluga, Lox, Octopus mussels, Anchovy, Flounder, Sea bass, Yellowtail, Striped bass, Haddock, Halibut, shrimp, Herring, Eel, Frog, crab, lobster, Turtle,


Dairy products that are cultured are easily digested and metabolized by the body.

Egg, Mozzarella, Goat cheese and milk, Non-fat sour cream, Ricotta Yogurt, Kefir

All except those in the right column

Parmesan, Provolone, Sherbet, Buttermilk, Camembert, Blue cheese, American Cheese, Brie, Ice cream, Whole Milk


Use very little


Oils (Sesame, cottonseed, sunflower and corn)


Boost immunity

Walnuts and peanuts

Eat small portions of whole nuts to decrease the risk of developing gallbladder disease

All types except those listed in the right column

Sesame seeds, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds


These are important for the cancer fighting properties


Increases the risk of diabetes by decreasing insulin production

Lima beans, kidney beans

Navy beans, red beans, pinto beans.

All types except those listed in the right column

Black, Fava Beans (Aduke, Azuki), Peas


Wheat grain should be avoided due to acid forming properties.

Puffed rice, Oat bran, Oatmeal, Millet, Rice Bra, Rye, sprouted wheat and products made from these

All types except those listed in the next column

soba noodles, Kamut, Kasha, Buckwheat, Corn, Artichoke pasta

Consume more rice than pasta

Rice products like noodles, flour, bread


Consume fresh seasonal vegetables

Mushroom, Parsley, Cauliflower, Celery, Broccoli, Beets, Green Leafy Vegs, , Maitake Parsnips, Sweet potatoes, Tofu, All types of Yams

All kinds except the ones listed in the next column.

All kind of Bell Peppers, Lima Beans, Black Olives, Bean Sprouts, Radish Sprouts Artichoke, Avocado, All type of Corns, Radishes, Mung


Consume more alkaline fruits

All types of berries are great like cherry, cranberry, plums and grapes

Avoid topical fruits except pineapples (great for digestion)


Mango, banana, guava, coconut

Lemon and grapefruits are great for digestion, absorption of minerals; whereas oranges serve as gastric irritants

Lemon, grapefruit


Consume more vitamin C rich foods to prevent stomach cancer


Any type of fruits except those listed in the next column,


Use kelp or sea- salt instead of table salt.

Curry, miso, kelp

Any type except those listed in next column

Allspice, Capers, Cornstarch Barley Malt, corn syrup, Gelatin, Almond extract, Anise, Tapioca

These ingredients should be avoided due to acid secretion.

Red pepper flakes, black pepper, vinegar

These serve as natural antibiotics and health tonic for this blood type

Parsley, Garlic, Horseradish


It is recommended to AB blood group individuals to consume herbal teas for the rejuvenation of immune system

You can consume from a variety of Echinacea, Chamomile, Alfalfa, burdock and Green tea

Black tea, Soda beverages and Distilled liquor

Herbal teas are also required to deliver cardio-protective effects

Wines (especially red wines) and licorice also serve these functions

Herbal teas aid in digestion of nutrients as well as enhanced absorption of minerals like Iron to decrease the risk of anemia.

Strawberry leaf, burdock root.

Coffee should be avoided due to acid producing effects

You can have decaf coffee (one cup per day is acceptable). You can drink green tea on alternate days

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