How to Get Rid of a Black Eye

image001Many people will experience a black eye at some point during their lifetime. Though the most obvious and common cause of a black eye is taking a hit to the face, specifically the eye area, black eyes have a variety of different causes, including facelifts, injuries to the nose, infections, and allergic reactions from skin bites.

If you have a black eye, you want to get it remedied as quickly as possible. Many simple home remedies can do the trick.

How to Get Rid of a Black Eye

1. Ice Pack


The first and most fundamental thing to do when you have a black eye is to apply an ice pack to the area as soon as you can. Ice to the area will immediately help to reduce swelling and constrict blood vessels in the area to reduce and prevent any internal bleeding. Ice packs are also known to accelerate the healing process and provide pain relief. If you don't have ice, you can also try some frozen vegetables or anything that can be wrapped in your freezer.

Wrap ice cubes in a cloth and hold over the eye for 10 to 20 minutes. Be careful not to over-do-it and make sure the cloth isn't too thin otherwise you could end up creating another sore in the area. Repeat this process a few times a day for the first two days.

2. Warm Compress


A couple of days after getting a black eye it is advisable to apply a warm compress to the area. This will increase blood flow, helping the skin and the eye to heal faster. It is also possible to give the area a very light massage with a warm cloth to improve blood flow and get rid of dried blood under the skin. First dip a cloth in warm water and wring it dry. Place the cloth over the affected eye socket until the warmth is gone and then repeat several times a day.

3. Hard-boiled Eggs

Interestingly, hard-boiled eggs are one of the ways in which the ancient Chinese used to alleviate black eyes. After boiling the egg, peel the shell and gently roll the egg over the affected area. Be careful not to press too hard, as you don't want to cause yourself any unwanted pain. Once the egg becomes cold, you should quickly re-boil and repeat the process.

Video: Ancient Chinese Secret On How to Get Rid Of Bruised or Black Eye

4. Papaya and Pineapple


Pineapple and papaya are very effective in treating a black eye as they contain special enzymes that help heal and soften the skin. Both also contain antioxidants that help to accelerate the healing process of your injury. In order to reap the benefits of pineapple and papaya you can either drink the fruit juices or eat the fruit themselves. Additionally, you can apply fresh pulp of the fruits onto the bruise itself.

5. Potato


Cool potatoes are another excellent way to reduce the swelling associated with black eyes. You will want to cut up the potato into slices, place the slices in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, and then place them over the eye for roughly half an hour. Alternatively, you can also squeeze the juice out of the potato and apply it topically to the eye. Instead of potatoes you can also use cucumber slices or chilled tea bags, as the end result is the same.

6. Witch Hazel


Witch hazel is believed to have soothing and healing effects for damaged skin. To use witch hazel for your black eye, you can soak a cotton ball or pad in the substance and then apply it onto the affected eye for 5-10 minutes. You can place a cloth dipped in a solution of witch hazel, chamomile essential oil, and water onto the skin. In order to achieve the best results with this method you ought to repeat two to three times a day.

7. Arnica


Arnica is a homeopathic medication proven to reduce swelling and inflammation by increasing blood circulation. It is also thought to possess healing capabilities. You can purchase arnica in numerous forms, including as topical creams, ointments, or oils. Apply arnica two to three times a day, massaging it in to your skin gently but firmly. You can also take arnica internally in the form of small pellets. This will help reduce the swelling of your black eye from the inside.

8. Comfrey Root


Comfrey roots are another option for treating a black eye. You should boil the root in water for several minutes until it steeps. Then, dip a clean, soft cloth into the solution and press gently around and on the blackened eye area. This comfrey root solution may help to ease pain and help to restore your skin’s natural color. Another method of applying comfrey root is to grind 1 teaspoon (5ml) of the substance with ½ teaspoon of water (2.5ml) to form a paste. You should only apply comfrey root once a day as it does contain potentially toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin.

9. Natural Oils


Using natural oil by means of a massage can help to reduce swelling as well as superficial inflammation in the area that is giving you that red eye-socket look. Olive oil is probably your best bet as it is able to heal bruises. Though, you can also use coconut and castor oil. When massaging the area, be delicate but firm so as to achieve maximum benefit without causing additional pain.

10. Vitamin C


The importance of Vitamin C in treating a black eye can never be underestimated. When suffering from a bruised eye, it is important to include foods rich in Vitamin C in your diet. These include oranges, guavas, peppers, sweet potatoes, lemons, limes, mangos and broccoli. Vitamin C thickens the blood-vessel walls, allowing them to heal more efficiently. Vitamin C is also available as an over-the-counter supplement.

11. Pain Reliever


If the pain from your black eye is causing you a bit of trouble it is advisable to take a pain killer. The best one to take is acetaminophen. Keep in mind that you should avoid taking aspirin as it reduces the blood's ability to clot. When taking painkillers, you should always follow the instructions on the label.

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