How to Make Your Boobs Firmer

image001There are a variety of reasons such as pregnancy, rapid weight loss and aging that can lead to sagging or drooping of the breasts. Sagging and drooping breasts can make you self aware of your appearance and you may choose not to wear certain dresses. However, some therapies and exercises can be done to firm and lift your sagging breasts. Though you may not be able to reverse your age, still, you will see and feel a noticeable change in the appearance of your breasts.

How to Make Your Boobs Firmer

1. Breast Massage

Massaging your breasts is an excellent technique to firm, hydrate and soften your breasts.

  • Firm the breast skin

To make the skin of breasts firm, make an infusion of 30 g rosemary, 30 g wild thyme and 30 g thyme. Cool the mixture or lotion to room temperature, filter it and apply it to your breasts. Leave it on your breasts for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with cold water.

Video: Firm breasts with natural home remedies using either eggs or fenugreek seeds:

  • Hydrate and soften breasts

As already stated massaging your breasts keeps them hydrated and soft. You should always massage from the outside towards the inside, and go around the nipple. You can use argan oil, avocado oil or jojoba oil to massage your breasts. You can either use them individually or mix them in equal parts. Avocado oil is rich in vitamins and regenerates and protects the sensitive skin of the breasts. Argan oil is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E and PP and antioxidants which prevent aging of skin. Jojoba oil provides deep nourishment and hydration to restructure the skin of the breasts.

2. Breast-firming Exercises

  • Push-up


With your hands placed under your shoulders, lie on the floor on your stomach. Hold your feet at the width of your shoulders, tuck your toes under such that your balance is on the balls of your feet. Your abdominals should remain contracted so as to make your back parallel to the floor. Your head and neck should lie at the level of your spine. Inhale while you lower your chest. Exhale while returning back to the starting position. If you do not have enough strength to perform a plank push-up, do pushups from your knees.

  • Chest press


Lie flat on the ground, bench or a balance ball on your back. With palms facing forwards, hold a dumbbell in both your hands. Hold your elbows out to the sides keeping them parallel to your shoulders and bend at an angle of 90 degrees. Exhale while stretching your arms towards the ceiling. You should take care to keep the weights separated and to not squeeze your chest at the top of the movement. Inhale and move back to the starting position.

  • Chest fly


Hold a dumbbell in both your hands and lie down on your back. Take care to keep your arms straight and in level to your shoulders. With palms facing each other, lift both the hands and bring them together above your chest.

  • Standing press


Stand in front of a wall, at a distance of one foot. Put your hands on the wall at the height of your shoulders about two feet apart. Your fingers should point upwards and your feet should be placed one meter apart. Simultaneously bend your elbows at 90 degrees and lift your heels while keeping the core area of the body rigid.

  • Resistance bands


By exercising with a resistance band, you can add variation to your chest exercises. Wrap the resistance band into something stable just behind you and hold one handle in each hand. With your elbows bent and palms facing downwards, take your arms to your side. Bring your arms back in front of you while squeezing your chest.

You can check out the following video of chest workout which helps to tone and firm your boobs:

Do these chest firming exercises three times in a week and take care to keep a difference of 48-72 hours between two sessions. Perform 1-3 sets comprising of 8-16 repetitions for each exercise. When you are able to do 3 sets of 12 repetitions of any particular exercise, then instead of increasing the repetitions, increase the resistance. The weight of the dumbbell should be increased for chest fly and chest presses, whereas for pushups you can put a bench to elevate your feet.

3. Hydrotherapy

You can use hydrotherapy to tone your breasts. Whenever you are taking a shower, first rinse your breasts with warm water for a duration of 30 seconds. Then rinse them with the coldest water you can tolerate for a duration of 10 seconds. Alternate rinsing between warm and cold water for a couple of minutes. Always finish your treatment with the application of cold water. Hydrotherapy helps in increasing the blood circulation, thereby stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen. Both of these substances are responsible for making your breasts firmer and perkier.

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