Hair around Nipple

Though nipple hair isn’t a cause for alarm, you can nevertheless not afford to ignore it. If you are a victim of this condition, you can talk to a gynecologist before it worsens. You can also use some of the hair nipple removal methods featured in the article to get rid of this condition.

What Are The Causes of Hair Around Nipple?

Hormonal changes are the cause of nipple hair. If your hormones have started fluctuating, you have high chances of experiencing nipple hair.

  • Young girls who have just begun menstruation are very likely to experience nipple hair compared to older women who are past the menopausal stage.
  • Pregnancy can also occasion nipple hair in women.
  • A completely new birth control method could also be responsible for triggering nipple hair besides increasing the amount of nipple hair in women.

Always have it at the back of your mind that some of the hormonal changes taking place in your body will at some point in your life occasion nipple hair.

When to Worry

When should you worry about nipple hair? Contrary to what many people tend to think, nipple hair is not a major health concern. It is a normal condition in women, just like it is in men. Though this condition is embarrassing especially to women, there are nevertheless no health complications occasioned by this condition.

There are other times when you may not help worrying about nipple hair. For instance, if you have hair growing on your nipple itself, it could be a sign of breast cancer and other health problems. If you have excess coarse and thick nipple hair, please make a point of visiting your doctor in order to stop this condition from worsening.

How to Remove Nipple Hair

If you are tired of embarrassments, you can embark on removing nipple hair.

  • You can pluck it using tweezers. When you are plucking nipple hair, make a point of pulling it straight out. This prevents the development of ingrown hair. Ingrown nipple hair is a potential cause of problems in the future.
  • You should refrain from waxing and shaving nipple hair since the skin in the nipple area is quiet sensitive. Just like eyebrow hair, it similarly takes three weeks to one month for the nipple hair to grow back.
  • You can also remove nipple hair using professional electrolysis. It is a more permanent nipple hair removal method since it completely destroys the hair follicle using heat. This prevents nipple hair from growing again.
  • Laser treatment is yet another nipple hair removal process. It actually works better on darker hair than on fair hair.
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