Hair Growth After Chemotherapy

Hair loss after chemotherapy is a common occurrence and it happens as the chemotherapy targets not only the cancer cells but also the healthy cells of the body. However, once the chemotherapy is stopped your hair may grow back to normal in majority of the cases. Let us discuss when you can expect your hair to grow back after chemotherapy for breast cancer and how you should take care of the hair.

When Will the Hair Grow back After Chemotherapy?

The answer to this question depends upon the treatment you have received, i.e. chemotherapy, tamoxifen therapy or whole brain radiation.

If you had chemotherapy, you will develop soft fuzz 2-3 weeks after the chemotherapy ends, your real hair will start growing at their normal rate one month after chemotherapy and after two months of treatment you will have about an inch of hair growth.

The time to get back your normal hair (full head) and the eyelashes, pubic hair and eyebrows (if you have lost them too) varies in each individual. Generally, the hair that fall out first is the hair that grows back the fastest. Your hair on the head will come back faster than your eyelashes, eyebrows or pubic hair.

Will the New Hair Differ from the Original Hair?

Your new hair may be like your original hair or it may be different from your original hair such as it may be curlier, and thicker or straighter than the original ones. You may grow back a different color or hair. Females who have dyed and processed hair before chemotherapy may forget the original color of their hair and may be surprised to see the new natural texture and color of their hair. Your hair will eventually grow back to its natural color and texture after the effect of chemotherapy on your hair follicle is reduced.

Is Permanent Baldness Possible after Chemotherapy?

Permanent baldness occurs in very rare conditions after strong chemotherapy is given for many years. It causes the hair follicles to burn out and any new growth of hair does not happen. However, this is an extremely rare situation. You can always use a wig or other headgear to boost your self confidence and remain attractive.

Videos of Hair Growth after Chemotherapy

Hair Regrowth Process after Chemo:

The following video demonstrates the hair regrowth process after chemotherapy. It will help you put a timeline to your hair growth after you have had chemotherapy and will help ease your anxieties:

Natural Tips for Hair Growth after Chemo

The following video demonstrates some natural tips that you can take to increase your hair growth after chemotherapy. You can follow these tips and increase the rate of your hair growth post chemotherapy:

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