How Many Calories in Bacon?

The number of calories in bacon will vary based on the serving size and how the meat was prepared. Bacon is cooked in a variety of ways including grilling, broiling, pan frying or roasting. Calories in plain bacon cooked in any of the methods listed above is typically the same. The difference in calorie count will vary based on additional ingredients added while cooking such as spices or oils. Raw bacon has a different calorie count than cooked bacon as well.

How Many Calories in Bacon?

Raw Bacon

128 calories in one ounce (28g)

512 calories in 4 ounces (113g)

Cooked Bacon (Slice Numbers)

82-92 calories for 2 strips of average thickness

123-138 calories for 3 strips of average thickness

164-184 calories for 4 strips of average thickness

246-276 calories for 6 strips of average thickness

Cooked Bacon (Slice Thickness)

41-46 calories in one strip of average thickness (0.3oz or 9g)

82-92 calories for two strips of average thickness

61 calories for a thicker strip of bacon (0.4oz or 11g)

183 calories for three thicker strips

Cooked Bacon (by Weight)

149-153 calories for 1 ounce (28g)

306 calories for 2 ounces (57g)

612 calories for 4 ounces (113g)

Other Forms of Bacon (100g)

541 calories for pan-fried bacon

476 calories for microwaved bacon

157 calories for unheated Canadian bacon

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