Endura Mass Review

Endura mass, a product made from vegetarian products, provides a healthy, stable weight gain product, consisting of soy proteins, minerals and vitamins to add 3400 calories per day. Till date no adverse endura mass side effects, with the exception of allergies, have occurred yet. Unfortunately, this product lacks the seal of approval from the FDA, and there are very few endura mass reviews from doctors as a result.

This product is not recommended for those suffering with renal diseases or gout. Always check with your doctor before using any product.

Endura Mass Review


"Hi, my name is Thomas. I was a small fry and I sought healthy ways to successfully gain weight. I have nothing but positive endura mass reviews. I gained 4kg while using this product, when added to an already healthy diet and exercise. I used to eat one banana before exercising, and took Endura Mass with sprouts and milk afterward. I made sure to always eat breakfast and avoid tea or coffee during snack time. I always had milk with cashews or badam when I ate my midmorning snacks. Sometimes I would merely have a fruity milkshake for a snack in the afternoon. For lunch I would often eat lots of fresh vegetables. I often ate a light dinner coupled with Endura Mass and milk.

With exercise, I always would do pushups, pull-ups, bicep curls, and squats, on alternate days for rest. Any further exercise after that was done for variety.

I have found the biggest factor of success was consistency: one day will not yield success, but a consistent habit can turn a lean guy into a ripped one. If you want to change, give Endura Mass a try! Good luck!!"


"Hey, I saw some other endura mass reviews and I just wanted to leave my own. I consistently take Endura Mass with milk and 2 bananas. Do not take Endura mass without the bananas, as they prescribe. It proved to be too much for my liver—I was in the hospital for a month because I didn’t follow the instructions. Endura mass shares similar properties with gum: add water and let it settle. It resembles plaster in how it sticks to the hand. Learn from my mistake: use bananas when using Endura mass. Oh, and don’t forget to use the gym, otherwise Endura Mass is not as effective."


"I found Endura Mass to be the best weight gain product in history! I noticed visible improvement in just one week. You heard me right, just one week. I currently take two servings daily (once in the morning and evening). I’ve gained 1.5 kg in one week. My key to success: Endura + workout + healthy diet = my desired results. Thanks Endura Mass!! You deserve every positive endura mass review."


"Don’t listen to the other endura mass reviews, try other products instead. Eat lots of proteins and work out. Add muscle mass instead of just mass. Most people only eat 2-3 times daily. Increase incrementally from 4-6 over time. Each person responds differently to carbs, proteins, and fats. Merely 7 years ago, I used to weight 63 kg and a width of 190 cm. Today I am still 190, but weigh 92 kg. I recently changed my diet plan to six days weekly too. If you’re serious, avoid junk food and oily and greasy food, like fast food. I usually eat eggs (boiled), fish, chicken breast (boiled), whole wheat, cereal, milk, and Optimum Whey protein, before and after working out."


"Theendura mass side effects are real. Eat a healthy diet and exercise while using the product in order to build muscle mass. Eat proper proportions and a healthy diet. Exercise is a must!!! You cannot ignore that, or you will not get the desired results.

Keep in mind genes play a role, and this product performs best if the individual is physically well. Nobody wants to gain weight artificially."


"Endura mass side effects are nonexistent. I never had any myself for the past 2-2.5 years, although I haven’t been a regular user. I am a healthy individual without any major health problems. I even masturbate twice daily.

I only buy Endura Mass from a healthkart site, and not from local shops, since they often sell fake products!!"


"Weight gaining products of every brand and type (domestic or imported) usually include carbs consisting of dextrose or maltodextrin, and other fillers. Most buy products like these, when a simple solution can be made at home, consisting of a high quality protein powder. Simply add some elements to the mix (bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, milk, or oatmeal) to create a tasty and healthy protein shake, ideally suited for weight gain. Then exercise, work out at the gym, eat a healthy diet, practice good hygiene, and consistently burn calories. This will decrease fat, increase muscle, and cause weight gain, for a more natural and cost-effective method."

How to Take Endura Mass

A normal service of Endura Mass is 4-5 teaspoons powder mixed with a glass of milk 2-3 times daily. The best results occur when mixed with full cream milk and bananas, or blend bananas and strawberries with ice cream to make a shake. A starting dosage is 50-60 grams once daily, and slowly increase to 3 daily doses.

Endura Mass sells four flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and banana. And Endura Mass should be used twice daily (morning and evening, but not right before bed).

Anyone over 15 can use Endura Mass. Although it should not be used by those suffering from diabetes, since Endura Mass contains sugar.

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