Evion 400 Vitamin E Capsule Benefits and Uses

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can possibly stop hair loss, and protectyour body from damaging free radicals. It is found naturally in vegetable oils and nuts; however, these are high in calories and fat. Therefore, it is a smart alternative to take vitamin E supplements.

Evion 400 IU (International Units) is a brand of vitamin E in capsule form, which is available at pharmacies and grocery stores.

Evion 400 Benefits

Alpha-tocopherol is a class of natural chemical compounds related to vitamin E. It is a preventative against air pollution, cataracts, diabetes, and premenstrual conditions. The immune system gets stronger when taking Evion 400 vitamin E. Evion 400 uses include reducing cholesterol and cancer risk. Its antioxidant properties remove free radicals that damage the structure of cells.

For Overall Health

Evion 400 benefits you by its vitamin E working in body lipids making it harmonize with vitamin C that fights free radicals that are dissolved in water. Vitamin E supports heart health, liver, and gallbladder functions. Vitamin E is also powerful for conditions concerning the lungs, pancreas and cystic fibrosis whether genetic or undefined.

Vitamin E thins the blood, preventing blood platelets from becoming sticky and clumping. In higher doses, vitamin E reduces the risk of sunstroke and coronary artery disorder or heart disease.

Capillary walls are nourished at the cell level when taking vitamin C in conjunction with vitamin E for improving fatigue symptoms.

Evion 400 benefits the body in many more ways. It seems to prevent macular degeneration, an age related disease. People having atherosclerosis who take Evion 400 vitamin E supplements show noticeably less plaque accumulation in their cells.

In post-menopausal women, Evion vitamin E may reduce the risk of dying from a stroke. Vitamin E reduces cancer cell growth associated with hormonal reasons such as prostate cancer and breast cancer. It has been shown to be helpful in treating lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disorder.

For Skin

One of the Evion 400 uses is that it’s wonderful for the skin.Vitamin E oil in its pure form is wonderful in aiding any skin healing processes. For sun protection, it is absorbed by the skin and is great for sunburn.

Vitamin E oil benefits scar tissue, wrinkles, acne, and speeds cell regeneration, making your skin younger looking—a true anti-aging benefit.

Your skin benefits from vitamin E in that it makes dry, dull skin appearfresher and healthier. Put a few drops of vitamin E oil on your finger, toenails, and cuticle for a successful way to treat your skin.

Due to the vitamin E antioxidant properties, it encourages the circulation of blood to the scalp for great looking hair.

How to Use Vitamin E

Because vitamin E is fat soluble, it binds to free radicals protecting tissue and cell membranes from oxidative harm linked to cell damage and aging. Additional vitamin E may be needed for people with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and it is used to slow blood clotting. Some people cannot absorb vitamin E from food; therefore, vitamin E supplements are favorable.

Dosage Recommendations

Always follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the dosage and duration for taking vitamins. Always take Evion 400 vitamin E with meals and in small doses. Let you doctor know if you take warfarin, a blood thinner, or any other blood thinners. High doses of vitamin E could prevent your uptake of important chemicals in anti-psychotic medications.

  • ŸFor adults and pregnant women: 15 milligrams (or 22.5 IU) daily
  • ŸFor women who are breastfeeding: 19 milligrams (or 28.5 IU) daily
  • ŸFor chemotherapy side effects200-600 mg to 1600-3200 IU of vitamin E has been consumed each day by mouth
  • ŸFor skin problems400 mg of vitamin E oil on a dressing has been placed over the skin
  • ŸFor Alzheimer’s/dementia800-2000 IU taken by mouth 1-2 times each day
  • ŸFor leg pain because of clogged arteries: 300-1600 mg each day by mouth

Possible Side Effects Taking Vitamin E

Some people may experience irritation or allergic (hypersensitive) reactions when vitamin E is applied to the skin. If you are allergic to any component of vitamin E suspension, do not take. Theoretically, high doses of vitamin E might cause the following side effects:

  • ŸNausea, stomach/intestinal cramping, diarrhea, black tarry stools, bright red blood in stools
  • ŸFatigue and weakness
  • ŸHeadaches
  • ŸBlurred vision
  • ŸSpeech changes
  • ŸBleeding or bruising
  • ŸHives
  • Swelling of face, tongue, lips, throat
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