Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Are you trying to find a great way to share the gender of your soon to be born child with people close to your heart? Baking a cake with pink and blue colors is outdated. The latest trend for revealing the sex of your bay is throwing a gender reveal party. Over the last few years, gender reveal parties have become quite the phenomenon. This is largely down to the fact that people are seeking new ways of celebrating special occasions. If you are thinking of throwing a gender reveal party, here are a few things you should know. Read on to learn the 10 best gender reveal party ideas.

10 Gender reveal Party Ideas

1. Plan Early Enough


It is advisable to send out invitations at least a few weeks before the date of the party. After the gender revealing ultrasound, you can then hold the party. Planning at least two weeks ahead of time is most ideal. Ensure all invites are sent two weeks before the date. There are several online resources you can use to get the best invitation cards. You can also go for e-invitations as they are cost effective and reliable. You can include a brief explanation of what the party is about as some guests may not be familiar with gender reveal parties.

2. Choose a Theme


As with any party, you need to choose a theme. If you’re short on ideas, you can theme your party based on the time of the year. You can have your party between holidays to dictate the theme of your gender reveal party. For instance, if you are holding your party in October you can let the theme be Halloween inspired, or if it is close to St. Patrick’s Day, you can choose a theme that coincides with St. Patrick’s.

3. Place the Gender Revealing Secret in a Balloon


You can ask your doctor to write the gender of your baby in an envelope and place it in a box with a pink or blue balloon. This balloon box can be opened in the presence of your family and friends to disclose the gender of the baby based on the color of the balloon. If you are looking for something a bit toned down, you can simply have black balloons containing pink or blue confetti.

4. Put Balloons in a Box


Here, you can have the pink or blue balloons in a box. This box full of balloons will be opened during the party to reveal the gender of the baby. You can have a close family member go to the store and pick out the appropriate balloons. This box should be opened at the pivotal point in the party. The balloons will fly out of the box to reveal the baby's gender. The gender will, of course, be based on the color of the balloon.

5. Set a Gender Prediction Board


This is a great way of getting your family and friends involved in the party. You can keep them guessing the gender with a prediction board. You can have your cravings and symptoms displayed on the prediction poster as a way of leading your guests to guessing the gender of the baby. You can offer beads and pink ribbons for the guests to wear as a show of their prediction.

6. Cut the Cake


This is a cost effective way to reveal the gender of your baby. After you get the envelope with the gender reveal, you can hand it to your baker and ask them to bake a cake with an inner lining depending on the gender of the baby. The best thing about this is the fact that only your baker knows the gender. Everyone else will have to wait until the cake is cut.

7. Read the Sonogram


It is quite common for parents to tell the gender of their baby as soon as they see the sonogram. However, the doctor’s last word is the only information that can be relied upon. You can use the sonogram to test the guests. Ask them to read the sonogram and predict the gender. Offer a prize to all those who got it right.

8. Team your Guests


Similar to creating gender posts, you can have your guest dress up in pink or blue ribbons to show their predictions. You can have a team blue or team pink with each team wearing bowties with their color. You can also have your guests tie a blue or pink balloon on their wrists, or even ask them to come dressed in either blue or pink to reveal their prediction.

9. Play the Silly String


In order for this to work, you need to cover the color of the spray cans completely. At the time of announcing the gender, the soon to be mom and dad can be the first to spray each other with the pink or blue spray to reveal the gender. You can also choose to give all the guests spray cans where on the count of three they can spray one another to reveal the gender.

10. Wrap It up with Outfits

You can get blue or pink outfits at a baby store and have them wrapped. Hand the envelope with the baby’s gender to the store staff and ask them to wrap the outfit whose color matches the baby’s gender. This wrapped outfit will be unwrapped at the event to reveal the gender.

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