How to Wash Face Properly

Many people find, or rather think, that washing their faces is a simple task. What they do not know is that if the face is not carefully washed, you could be doing zero work. Washing your face right could slightly improve your complexion. When going about it, one important factor to keep in mind is to avoid products that will harm or irritate your skin. Also, be thorough with the procedure.


How to Wash Face Properly

The Correct Technique- Circulation

Angela Lindvall, a model, once said that a major component of an effective and deep cleanse is inclusive of a massage. Your lymph system needs stimulation if your face is to have enough blood and oxygen circulation.

The Correct Motion

You should consider the motion in which you cleanse your face as it maters if you intend to do it right. Start cleaning the face from your forehead then work down to the nose area, the cheek areas and down to the chin and neck.

The Correct Cleanser

Women with oily or combined skin type should go for cleansers that are stronger (those that contain ingredients that absorb oil). Women with sensitive or dry skin should go for milder formulas that have moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.

It is very important that you choose a cleanser depending on your type of skin. You can choose skincare products that do not contain oil (oil-free), won’t clog (non-comedogenic), won’t cause acne (non-acnegenic) and will not irritate (hypoallergenic). Nowadays, most facial cleansers available comprise of active ingredients like essential oils, glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, sodium laureth sulfate, elastin, collagen, glycerin, minerals, vitamins and salicylic acid.

Here is a video for tips on how to choose cleanser, toner and moisturizer:

The Detailed Steps to Wash Your Face

Step1: Wash Your Hands

The first thing to do before you clean your face is to wash your hands. This is because hands accumulate a lot of dirt during the day because they are the most used parts of the human body. Therefore, you wash the hands to avoid contaminating your face with dirt and bacteria. Clean your hands using antibacterial soap and lukewarm water.

Step2: Tie Your Hair

Tie your hair before washing your hands and face so that you will be more comfortable when washing your face and also to avoid having your hair wet.

Step 3: Remove Makeup

The next step is to remove all the makeup you have on using makeup remover (preferably a mild one). Look for makeup remover that is suitable for our type of skin and start by removing eye makeup.

Step 4: Wet Your Face

Take some clean lukewarm water and splash your face with it to wet it. This prepares your face for the cleanser and also opens the pores for deeper cleansing.

Step 5: Apply Cleanser

Take small amounts of the cleanser on your hands or in a washcloth. Take a brush or use your finger tips to gently rub the cleanser throughout your face. Make sure that all your facial areas have been covered with the cleanser. These areas include the forehead, nose, cheek areas, chin and neck. Using a circular motion, gently massage your face for one minute. Remember; always allow the cleanser to penetrate the skin before removing it by waiting for about a minute or two. Do not remove it immediately.

Step 6: Rinse the Face

Rinse the face to remove the cleanser. Use clean cold water and splash it on your face severally until you feel like the cleanser has been completely rinsed off. Alternatively, use cotton pads or muslin cloth to remove the cleanser.

Step 7: Splash with Cold Water

Rinse your face completely with some cold water. This will open the pores and also improve blood circulation.

Step 8: Blot Your Face

Take a clean dry towel then pat-dry/blot your face until all the water has been dried off.

Step 9: Tone the Skin

If you have a combined or oily skin type, it is important that you tone your face.Toners remove leftover makeup, dirt and oil traces that may have been left behind after cleansing.Toners also reduce your pores, refine your skin and eliminate the excess oil.You will end up feeling lighter and also have your face prepared for moisturizing.

Step 10: Moisturize the Skin

Apply some hydrating face or moisturizing cream each time you are done cleansing your face. Again, ensure that the moisturizer you use is appropriate for your type of skin.

Tips for Washing Your Face Properly

  • You must wash your face twice each day in order to keep your skin clear.
  • Avoid using bar soaps to cleanse your face as they will dry it out.
  • Never wash your face using water that is too cold or too hot; you will irritate the skin.
  • Avoid over-cleansing.
  • Do not use cleansing products which contain harsh chemicals or alcohol.
  • Before purchasing a cleansing product, make sure that you know your skin type in-order to buy products that suit your individual face type.
  • Exfoliate your face once or even twice each week using mild exfoliators so that any dead skin can be removed.
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