Dream Interpretation: Teeth Falling out

Have you ever had a dream about your teeth falling out? These dreams may be scary but they are really very common. Whether you do have bad teeth or not, people experience dreams about teeth falling out sometime in their lives. What are the negative and positive interpretations of teeth falling out? How do the dreams relate to your personal life?

What do Teeth Falling Dreams Mean?

Dream interpretation of teeth falling out may be positive and negative. Before you make your own conclusions check out these possible dream interpretations and see which ones are relevant to your own personal life.

Negative Meanings


Your dream about teeth falling out may be associated with some loss and important changes in life. This symbolism may point to feelings of vulnerability or insecurity related to recent events that disrupt your life. It can indicate a loss such as a job change, an abrupt end of a relationship, a gradual adoption of new habits, moving to a new house, or other similar life changes.

Making costly compromises

Dreams on teeth falling out may represent your ambivalence on costly compromises that may bring life off balance. This dream usually occurs when one is confronted with hard decisions and limited options, such as those related to a career path, a job, or a relationship.

Unwillingness to make a choice

You can have a dream about teeth falling out when you are facing a dilemma where you cannot act or you are not willing to make a choice. This dream can indicate that you are losing your ability to chew or digest information about an event in your life.

Worry about self-image

Your fear of aging or of becoming less productive can make you feel that you are losing your means to bite or break down the events life brings you. You may be anxious about your self-esteem and your ability to decide and assert yourself.

Anxiety about sexual experience

Classic Freudian interpretation about teeth falling is a symbol of castration (related to male genitals). Men and women may experience sexual anxiety with their partner. However, beyond this analysis it could mean a fear of loss of personal power or concern about safety.

Positive Meanings

Personal expansion

Modern interpretations of teeth dreams represent them as a symbol of growing up, developing, and expanding one’s self. It may represent your transition into a new phase of life, where you grow out of something old into something new. In the process of change, you may feel that you are losing something, leaving an environment or changing a habit and replacing it with a new job, place, or relationship.

Wish to be nurtured

Conventional dream analysts suggest that these dreams indicate your unconscious need to go back to the early stages of your childhood when you were nourished by your mother while you were still toothless. You may be struggling with difficulties and have big decisions to make, and early childhood means you do not have to deal with these. Finding a balance between your needs and your potential for growth will bring positive effects in your life.

An invitation to explore personal growth and loss

Dreams about losing teeth as a child can be a symbol that suggests you are dealing with events in your life where you need to deal with radical changes, find support, and take care of yourself. These may indicate that you are in the process of discovering, growing, and developing some aspect of yourself that have been neglected. Try to acknowledge that you need to rest and take it easy to deal with the challenge and the obstacles on the way.

Strength and taking control

Teeth are symbols of self-esteem, personal power, and the ability to live life fully. If your dream indicates tension or some violence, the images may be interpreted symbols of aggressiveness or strength, or lack of these, depending on the dream scenario. Examine your fears, sexual desires, or your desire to take control of your life.

The Jungian interpretation: times of renewal and “rebirth”

For influential psychologist Carl Jung, 20th century dream analyst, having teeth falling out in dreams symbolizes the birth of something new, although it may entail some tension and it may be a painful process. The dream usually relates to emotions currently experienced as you are go through changes in your life, such as moving, changing jobs, ending relationships or undergoing periods of personal growth.

Tips on Interpretation

A popular technique in dream interpretation consists of connecting images in dreams to experiences in life. If you dream of teeth falling out, try to remember your feelings and thoughts you experienced in the dream then connect them with your emotions on situations in your life.

Do you associate teeth dreams with loss of self-esteem or personal power? Try to associate the dream images with your feelings and emotions to uncover the meanings of your dream. Also, try to interpret the dream from a positive perspective. For example, falling teeth signifying losing power suggests that you should try to take control over your life and find new ways for a better life.

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