How to Hide Your Stretch Marks Effectively

A stretch mark usually occurs because of rapid changes in weight (whether gain or loss), rapid growth or during pregnancy, according to NHS Choices. The stretch marks themselves are small tears that occur in the skin’s middle layer during any of these processes. When they first appear, they will usually be purple or red lines on the skin’s surface but over time, they usually fade to a white color. There are many different treatments that will either temporarily cover them or minimize their appearance. You can also refer to the video in the end to learn about home remedies for stretch marks.


How to Cover up Stretch Marks

1. Use Makeups

If you have several different makeup products on hand, you should be able to cover your stretch marks without a problem whether they are mild or severe, allowing you to wear shorts or a swimsuit.

Watch a video for using makeup to cover stretch marks, then read on for more details:

  • Clean. The first step in covering up your stretch marks with makeup is to clean the area. That is because skin that is clean and fresh will give a much better surface to apply makeup on, making the application easier as well as last longer. If you want, you can also use witch hazel or a similar astringent on the affected area as this will tighten the pores.
  • Use Moisturizing Lotion. The next step is to take a moisturizing lotion like cocoa butter and mix it with your favorite bronzing powder until you get a golden brown liquid. Then you can use your middle and index fingers to apply the lotion on the stretch marks, dabbing it carefully. This is sufficient treatment for people who suffer from very faint stretch marks and have tanned skin everywhere else as the bronzing powder provides darkness to help blend the stretch marks in with the skin surrounding it.
  • Apply Concealer. If you have more severe stretch marks, you will want to buy an additional concealer that is an exact match for your skin tone. This is ideal for larger stretch marks that cover a large part of the skin. All concealers will be heavier than bronzing powders or foundations makeups, allowing them to give you the most coverage but despite this, you should still opt for one that claims to be heavy coverage. Now use a very light coat of the concealer (as light as possible) and dab it over your stretch marks. If you smear or rub the concealer instead of dabbing, the effects will not be as effective. If you have problems applying it evenly, you can use a concealer brush.
  • Dab Powder. The final step to cover your stretch marks using makeup is to take a loose powder and dust it over the marks. This not only will allow the makeup to blend better, but it will also set the concealer, making it last longer.

2. Use Self-tanning Products

How to cover up stretch marks? Using products for self-tanning. Keep in mind, however, that if your stretch marks are already dark, this method for concealing them may not be as effective and may actually cause the stretch marks to darken over time as they are already darker than the rest of your skin. On the other hand, using self-tanning products is an ideal method for covering up stretch marks that are very light and can be effective for a short period of time. When using this method, be sure to stick to self-tanning products instead of attempting to tan naturally. This is because when you tan naturally, the stretch marks are more likely to darken than if you use self-tanning products, which as we mentioned will make this method less effective.

3. Cover with a Tattoo

Although covering your stretch marks with a tattoo seems to be a straightforward option, it does not work equally well for all stretch marks and all tattoo designs. This is because if your skin is scarred (such as by stretch marks), the skin will not be able to hold the ink to the same extent that your healthy, unscarred skin does. Because of this, if you do not plan your tattoo carefully, you may be unhappy with the results and actually make the stretch marks more obvious. Instead, it is a better idea to choose a design that includes the stretch marks (instead of simply putting a design over them). This way the scars will fit into the tattoo naturally, making them much less noticeable and more appealing, which is your goal with this method.


It is important to keep in mind that the tips about how to cover up stretch marks could help, but it can be very challenging to totally cover up stretch marks. The tricks and remedies listed in this article are temporary and as such, methods such as applying makeup or using self-tanning products will only provide you with temporary relief, requiring you to repeat the process whenever you wish to hide the stretch marks. Tattoos can be a more permanent method for hiding these unsightly scars, but you must be careful when selecting the tattoos as some can make the stretch marks more evident. If you truly want to be free of stretch marks, you should consider more effective and permanent techniques designed to either completely eliminate them or at least greatly reduce their visibility. There are invasive options such as laser removal techniques and less invasive ones such as simply changing your diet to allow your skin’s collagen to strengthen, making the stretch marks less noticeable.

Watch a Video: Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

How to cover up stretch marks? Many home remedies would help; watch this video to know them:

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