Dark Neck

Dark neck is a common problem that can be caused due to ineffective cleaning of the neck area, excessive exposure to the sun or because of a genetics issue. It is basically a dark ring that appears on the skin of the neck. This problem can be solved either by consulting a dermatologist or making use of a homemade solution.

The following are some of the homemade remedies that can be used for whitening the skin of the neck area.

How to Get Rid of Dark Neck

1. Exfoliation


Exfoliation is a natural way of cleaning the skin and removing its discoloration. Since it allows the darkened and hyper pigmented skin cells to die away, exfoliation can help you in ending your dark neck issue. By exfoliating the skin around the neck at least two times a week using a natural scrub such as one made from crushed walnuts and yogurt, you can easily lighten the color of your neck.

2. Baking Soda and Water


Baking soda is a natural exfoliate which when mixed with water can be used for cleaning the dark patches around the neck. To make use of this natural scrub all you will have to do is to mix a small quantity of baking soda in water and forming a paste. Apply this paste on the skin of your neck and see how it whitens the area and enhances its fairness in a matter of weeks.

3. Grated Cucumber


Grated cucumber is another excellent home remedy for solving the problem of dark neck. It will not only whiten the skin around the neck but will also give it a nice glow as well. You just have to grate the cucumber and then rub it on the darkened portion of your neck for a few minutes after which you will have to wash your neck with rose water.

4. Lemon and Cucumber Juice


Lemon and cucumber juice can also prove to be an effective homemade remedy for whitening the skin of the neck. The best way to make use of this juice is to apply it using cotton balls. You can also make use of your fingers for this purpose too.

5. Yogurt and Walnuts


Using a scrub made from yogurt and walnuts is considered very effective for treating dark skin patches around the neck. As yogurt is a natural exfoliate and walnuts are rich in vitamins, a scrub made from these ingredients can help in rejuvenating the skin of the neck and reducing its dark complexion. The yogurt and walnuts scrub can be made by mixing crushed walnuts in yogurt and then applying it gently on the dark portion of your neck. After scrubbing for a few minutes, let the scrub dry out, and then wash it off using rose water.

6. Almond Oil and Vitamin E


Almond oil has the capability to remove the dark spots on the neck by stimulating it and removing the layer of dead skin cells that cause darkening of the neck skin. The best way of using almond oil is by mixing Vitamin E in it in a small amount after heating the oil gently. Now cleanse your neck skin by massaging it with this oil and vitamin E mixture for about ten to fifteen minutes using the tips of your fingers. Once the massage is done wash your face with cold water to rub off the oil from the neck.

7. Almond Mixture


Almonds are great for nourishing the skin and removing its discoloration. Using a paste made by grinding 4-5 almonds that have been soaked in water overnight can help in whitening the neck skin and reducing the dark patches that have formed around the neck. The paste should be left on the skin of the neck for about half an hour before washing it off using lukewarm water.

8. Honey and Lemon Juice


The combination of honey and lemon juice can prove to be quite effective in reducing the dark patches that form around the neck. The bleaching properties of lemon when combined with the moisturizing capabilities of honey can easily wipe off the dead skin cells, causing the darkening of the skin from the neck area thus improving the skin’s color as well as its tone. Just add a few drops of lemon juice in honey. Apply this mixture on the dark areas of the neck and see how quickly the skin sheds its dark color.

9. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is the best natural skin cleanser that not only reduces the dark spots on the neck but also lightens the skin tone of the neck area as well. All you have to do is to apply some Aloe Vera gel on the darkened areas of your neck, gently massage it onto the skin.

10. Vitamin E


Vitamin E is considered an excellent remedy for all types of skin related issues. For dark neck as well, the use of vitamin E can help in reducing the discoloration of the skin. Doctors usually recommend the use of vitamin E capsules for this purpose.

Almonds are considered a great source of vitamin E and including them in your diet can help you in preventing the chances of getting a dark neck.

11. Rice Water Massage


Making use of rice water, known commonly as kanji is an excellent way of reducing dark spots around the neck. Take some water that has been left out after boiling rice and gently scrub it on the darkened areas of your neck. Do this massage at least ten to fifteen minutes prior to taking a bath and try to scrub the area thoroughly with it.

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