How to Build Lean Muscles

image001Athletes and models on the cover of your favorite magazines make looking lean seem easy. However, this notion could not be further from the truth. To be honest, looking lean and athletic takes time and demands discipline. To make it as easy as possible for you, below are the golden rules of getting lean and developing muscles. Learn about the diet and exercises for you to build lean muscles, both for men and for women.

Diet to Build Lean Muscles

1. Sufficient Protein

It is important to avoid skipping meals and also to ensure that your meal contains sufficient proteins. For females, ensure that your meals contain at least 15grams of protein while males should have at lest 20grams of protein per meal. Make sure that you get your protein from natural sources such as eggs, meat and fresh caught fish.

2. Healthy Carbohydrates

Completely avoid or limit your intake of processed carbohydrates. These can lead to unwanted weight gain, hypertension, insulin resistance, and heart diseases among other diseases related to unhealthy diets. You need to replace these foods with fat burning foods and take advantage of the thermic effects of such foods. Take carbohydrates from natural health sources.

Recommended Foods to Build Lean Muscles


Why It Is Essential



Beef is rich in natural protein, zinc, cholesterol, iron and B vitamins. Beef from cattle that are grass fed also contains high levels of CLA (linoleic acid) which makes shedding of extra body fat and building muscle easier.



This is a rich source of betaine (trimethylglycine), which is a nutrient that enhances the repair of joints and the liver. According to clinical research, this nutrient is also ideal for increased muscle strength. Beets also aid in recovery and energy enhancement.

Brown rice


This is a slow digest whole grain food, which is a source of energy to sustain you throughout the day. Brown rice also boosts the levels of your growth hormone; important for muscle growth, strength gain as well as fat loss.

Organic cottage cheese


Being rich in casein protein, this is an excellent protein source snack most ideal before bedtime. This type of protein is a slow digest nutrient, which means it ensures that your muscles are not broken down to provide energy while you’re sleeping.



These have long been known as the perfect protein sources. They also contain cholesterol, which works with the protein to facilitate lean muscle development and strength gains. You can also enjoy it in many ways.



Spinach is a good source of glutamine amino acids, which is also a nutrient that supports the development of lean muscles. Spinach also increases the endurance and strength of your muscles. Besides, it is also rich in micronutrients like Vitamin K.



They contain specific polyphenols that increase muscle strength as well as preventing fatigue. This ensures you train harder for longer. According to some researches, these polyphenols also facilitate fat burning.



Flaxseeds contain healthy fats, fiber and a bit of protein. These facilitate fat burning and muscle building. Flaxseeds are also ideal for maintenance of good health of the heart.



Almonds are also sources of protein and aid in building of lean muscles. They are also rich sources of monounsaturated fats. They also contain fiber, vitamin E and magnesium, which are all ideal for the repair of muscles.



Rich in protein and fatty acids, salmon provides the protein and micronutrients required for healthy muscle building. It also contains B vitamins and magnesium. Consuming it can facilitate muscle formation, muscle repair and recovery.

Exercises to Build Lean Muscles

For Men

In order to achieve the results effectively, you need to involve your whole body in training. You produce more hormones when you involve more muscles in training. The hormones will stimulate these muscles and facilitate growth. Use squats, presses, dead-lifts, rows as well as pull ups to ensure you engage as many muscles as possible. Aim for those workouts that require much strength and do repetitions of these workouts to build lean muscles.

Videos: combo exercises that help to build muscles

These are exercise videos that teach you of ideal routines you can use if you have limited space and equipment. These routines aid in fat burning and muscle building. You can also use them to boost your metabolism. These are hybrid movements that combine different muscle groups in 10 to 15 routines. It is almost like cardio, but it engages the muscles.

For Women

Recommended Exercises for Women to Build Lean Muscles

Bull frog


This is meant to work on the shoulders, butt, abs and thighs.

Crouch with your hands 2 feet in front of your body, shoulder width apart. Hop the feet forward to outside the hands, with toes forward and hips low. Walk hand in a plank outwards. Do a push up with elbows close to the body. Bend knees and move your hips backwards to return to the starting point. Repeat this routine for 30 seconds.



This is meant to work the thighs and butt.

Start with a wide and low squat with the toes put and the palms clasped together at chest level. Push through the heels and throw the arms behind you as you jump forward as far as possible. Land with knee soft and return to the start. Carry out this routine for 30 seconds.



This exercise targets the chest, shoulders, butt, triceps and hamstrings.

Start in a pushup position with your hands wider than shoulder length width. Do a push up and then lift the left hands and foot to flip over, hips high. Lift the right hand and foot to flip back to the starting position. Do this for 30 seconds.



This exercise works the thighs and butt.

Start in a deep lunge placing your right leg forward and bend your knees to 90 degrees. Ensure your weight is on the right heel. Bend your elbows and your palms in a fist. Remaining low, lunge your left leg forward and reverse your arms. Do this routine for 30 seconds.



This routine works the triceps, shoulders, abs and the back.

Start in a plunk position with the elbows tight and bent to your sides. Shift your weight forward while keeping your abs engaged. With your right hand forward, walk three inches and drag your feet. Repeat this for 30 seconds.



This routine works your shoulders, thighs, butt and abs.

Take the position on fours. Make your knees hover 2 inches above ground and move your left hand and right foot 3 inches forward. Repeat using your right hand and left foot. Continue this routine with the knees above the ground for 30 seconds.



This exercise targets the core and shoulders.

Start in a plank position. Step your right foot just outside the right hand. Raise the right hand and lift the chest to the sky. Keep your left leg between the left hand and right foot. Reverse the routine to start again and keep at it for 30 seconds.



This routine works your shoulders, chest, abs, obliques and triceps.

Position your body as though you are preparing to do push ups. Move your right hand forward just a few inches and bend out your left elbow. Bring your left knee to the level of your left elbow and do push ups. Repeat the position using your other limbs. Keep at it for 30 seconds.

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