Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

Have you been noticing veins that seem to be right on the surface of your skin? Are they abnormally large and almost seem to spread out? Then there is a strong possibility that you may have varicose veins, also known as spider veins. These veins are a result of a malfunction or obstruction of your veins that can happen because of prolonged pressure.These veins can be very irritating and even cause a degree of pain as they grow. The good news is that home remedies for varicose veins work incredibly well and medical treatment is only recommended in severe cases. These home remedies are sure to relive the symptoms and stop the growth of varicose veins.

Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

1. Exercise Is Key

One of the best varicose veins home remedies is to begin moving your body. The type of movement is optional, you could begin by stretching your legs, taking walks, or anything to get blood pumping. Once you begin getting the blood flowing in your legs, then you can begin to build up the muscle in your body.

2. Shed Some Extra Weight

Losing weight can aid almost every system in your body. This is very important when treating varicose veins as a body that is taxed with too much weight does not move nearly as much. A lack of movement can hinder on one’s ability to excursive properly. As a result one’s varicose veins can actually worsen.

3. Healthy Diet Equals a Healthy Body

A great varicose veins home treatment is to change one’s dietary habits. When treating varicose veins, eating a diet that is rich in vitamin C and protein is very beneficial. Vitamin C and protein both are crucial parts in the creation of collagen. When your body has good collagen, your tissues are less likely weakened over time. It’s also important to remember that one of the most important parts of a healthy diet is balance. A balanced diet will give your body all the tools it needs to keep running smoothly.

4. Find Balance Between Standing and Sitting

If you have a job that requires you to stand in one place for a long period of time, it’s highly recommended that you find a way to move your legs so that blood continues to circulate through them. This could be difficult depending on what’s causing you to stand stationary for a length of time. The best advice for you is to move around when you can, and also prop your feet up. Both of these activities are all to promote blood flow. If you find yourself sitting for extensive periods of time, be sure to walk around to get more blood circulating in your legs. In both situations moderation and movement are key.

5. Loosen Your Wardrobe and Breathe

Another one of the effective home remedies for varicose veins is to change up your wardrobe. If you find that you’re constantly wearing tighter clothing, try and loosen up a little. Your body will thank you for wearing that maxi skirt and loose fitting shirt with flat sandals as opposed to the tight pair of jeans, tight top, and high heels. In doing this, your body will have a chance to breathe and prompt good circulation.

6. Cayenne Pepper—A Little Spice Goes a Long Way

Cayenne pepper can be a very useful tool in the home remedies for varicose veins. Cheyenne pepper is rich in vitamin C. It also helps promote great blood circulation which can lessen the symptoms of varicose veins. For an effective varicose veins home treatment, mix a teaspoon of cayenne pepper with hot water and drink. You can drink this mixture 1-3 times a day for a couple of months as needed.

7. Olive Oil—Natural and Effective

With a mixture of olive oil and vitamin E warmed, you can rub the mixture on your legs to reduce inflammation and pain. This oil mixture will also promote great circulation when massaged into the infected area.

8. Butcher’s Broom—A Helpful Supplement

For home remedies for varicose veins, butcher’s broom is a great supplement to use. By taking 100 mg of butcher’s broom you will help to relieve inflation caused by the varicose veins. The supplement will also help to strengthen your veins. You can take the supplement up to three times a day. As with all herbal supplements, if you’re on prescription medication, then please consult a doctor before using butcher’s broom.

9. Witch Hazel—An Effective Herb

You can apply witch hazel to the affected area as witch hazel is a very effective method among home remedies for varicose veins. You can apply witch hazel up to two months for two to three times a day. Witch hazel aids in the reduction of swelling to the affected area.

10. Garlic—A Power Herb

When finding great home remedies for varicose veins, garlic can be a great asset. You should try to add fresh garlic to your everyday cooking to help reduce overall inflammation. If you want to use garlic as a topical ointment for your legs, simply mix minced garlic and alcohol and apply the mixture to the infected part of your leg up to four times a week.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar—A Topical Solution

In order to fully treat varicose veins with apple cider vinegar, you don’t need to ingest the vinegar. All you have to do is wet a towel or cloth with some vinegar and put it on top of the affected area. Once you place it there, leave the cloth in place for a little bit. You can massage the area but it is not necessary. If you choose to do so, you should not apply to much pressure to the affected area.

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