Foods That Irritate Bladder

If you have a very sensitive bladder, you may feel acute, drastic urges to urinate, even at night. What you drink or eat can worsen the symptoms that come as result since your bladder is overactive to irritants that trigger such an urge. These trips to the bathroom can be limited by avoiding foods that irritate bladder.Some foods will certainly make the situation worse, affecting the bladder and the urinary tract as well. This exaggerates the symptoms based on the individual affected.

Foods That Irritate Bladder

1. Fruits

  • Cranberries: Cranberries are believed to relieve some urinary tract infection symptoms. Most important to note, however, is the fact that they are just as acidic as citrus fruits and tomatoes. Therefore, they are potential foods that irritate bladder and create urge incontinence. There is always a temptation to take cranberry juice as a relief but it could make the situation worse. Instead, use water.
  • Citrus: Citrus fruits contain acid and juices that can aggravate the bladder. Fruits such as limes, oranges, grapefruits, oranges, cranberries, lemons and tomatoes along with its related products should be avoided. Such acidic foods become hard to control leakages.
  • Prunes: Prunes normally help during constipation that is mostly experienced in people with a sensitive bladder. However, they are still fruits and can irritate your bladder. Rather than depending on prunes to address constipation, fiber intake can be an awesome substitute.

2. Beverages

  • Coffee and tea: Caffeine is the main cause of irritation in your bladder. It increases the activity of your bladder and may lead to aggravated symptoms that include higher frequency and urgency together with an increased incontinence. These caffeine beverages can be replaced with decaffeinated options.
  • Alcohols: Together with coffee and chocolate, adult beverages like liquor, beer and wine are also not recommended for a sensitive balder. More than just irritating the bladder, alcohol affects the brain by limiting signals that make you alert about the overflow of the bladder.
  • Carbonated beverages: These include such “fizz” drinks as soda water, soft drinks and energy drinks. They worsen the symptoms associated with a sensitive bladder. Drinks containing caffeine and carbonation cause much trouble.

3. Deserts

  • Chocolate: Chocolate contains caffeine that is comparable to 25% of the quantity found in both tea and coffee, hence listed among the foods that irritate bladder. White chocolate can be used to address caffeine issues. Dark chocolate can also be another suitable option because it has mainly cocoa content and satisfy your desires using small quantities.
  • Sweeteners: Some sweeteners taken as desserts can be a big issue to some people with a sensitive bladder. Such symptoms can further be complicated by sweeteners. Therefore, it is important to identify the ones that affect you.

4. Onions

Onions can produce same effects of bladder complications as acidic and spicy foods, increasing your urge to urinate, and are definitely among the foods that irritate bladder. Onions eaten raw are most unsafe. Cooked ones would be better.

5. Spicy Foods

In most cases, spicy foods are known to make your lips burn and your eyes watery. Additionally, they are among the overactive bladder causes of irritation. Spicy salsas, sauces and peppers can be irritating to your bladder. The effects may be different based on the individual. You can examine all to determine the ones that affect you adversely.

6. Processed Foods

Artificial elements in processed foods have been very problematic to people with sensitive bladders and can be significant bladder irritants. Preservatives and flavoring along with other additives causes bladder irritation and can further worsen the symptoms linked with a sensitive bladder. Therefore, such a person should be careful to eat fresh foods and natural ones like whole grains and vegetables.

7. Condiments

Condiments can also cause life difficulty for a highly sensitive bladder. Such condiments as soy sauce, vinegar, mustard and ketchup have acid components as well as other irritants. Therefore, they should be avoided and replaced with other extracts, garlic or spices. MSG or Monosodium glutamate is a highly used flavor enhancer in many Chinese restaurants and it highly prompts sensitive bladder symptoms.

8. Cheese

Dairy products have different effects to different people in different ways, one of them being bladder irritants. Products that are rich in cream such as aged cheese, cream cheese and sour cheese have a huge effect on a sensitive bladder. Therefore, consider using other cheese different from these. You can start by finding out the product that affects you.

Bladder-Friendly Foods

  • Fiber: Foods that are rich in fiber ease constipation problems and reduce the symptoms related to a sensitive bladder. Soluble fiber can be used to absorb water and slow the rate of digestion while insoluble fiber can be used to maintain regularity hence preventing issues of overactive bladder causes.
  • Whole grains are a perfect solution to overactive bladder causesof irritation. Cereals such as oatmeal can be taken as breakfast and whole-grain bread sandwich be taken for lunch for the best results. Brown rice is highly recommendable as a side dish during dinner. Again, take stews and soups with barley.
  • Legumes: Take toss peas and beans in stews, burritos, salads and soups among other options. The peas and beans can be served as side dishes.
  • Apple: There are quite a number of options such as Mcintosh, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, Golden delicious and many others. They are good for a sensitive bladder.
  • Carrots: Take raw carrots, steamed carrots as a side dish, toss shredded carrots used in a salad carrot soup and baked carrot bread or cake to ease sensitive bladder irritation symptoms.
  • Cabbage: Not many people appreciate cabbage as a vegetable. However, it has a lot of benefits especially when used in slaws, salads and sautés. The red and green varieties are highly recommended for a sensitive bladder.
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