White Discharge at 40 Weeks Pregnant

Among the first signs that labor is approaching is the appearance of a mucus plug from the cervical opening. This is particularly the case if you experience white discharge in late pregnancy. This is why many ladies monitor their vaginal discharge closely to be in a position to know when labor is approaching. As such, appearance of a white discharge from the vagina about 40 weeks into the pregnancy may be an indicator that labor is approaching.

40 Weeks Pregnant White Discharge, Is It Normal?

Yes, it is normal to have a white vaginal discharge when pregnant. As a matter of fact, almost all women will experience this when pregnant. This occurs because of a number of reasons. During the pregnancy, the vaginal walls as well as the cervix tend to soften. To prevent any infections from entering the womb from the cervix, the amount of vaginal discharge increases. Throughout the pregnancy, it is quite usual to have a thick and white vaginal discharge. However, if the discharge changes to thin and watery, it may be an indicator that labor is approaching. As such, you should seek medical attention or call a midwife if you notice such a discharge.

What mums say

When interviewed, this is what some mothers had to say about 40 or 39 weeks pregnant discharge.

ŸI was supposed to deliver yesterday because I am 40 weeks pregnant. Although I lost the plug, I am yet to experience labor. For a while now, I have been having this colorless mucus discharge. I concluded that it must be a mucus plug because the discharge contains a lot of mucus, which makes it appear like snot that is brown in color, with a slight pink coloration. Although this has happened, I am still waiting for labor to start and do not know when it will start.

ŸCurrently, I am 39 weeks pregnant. For a couple of weeks, I have been having a white discharge; however, I experienced a big snot glob that did not have any blood stains. After the plug, I thought the time is nearer for labor to kick in. However, I just wish that this over soon because every time the baby moves I imagine that it is a contraction. I am having a back pain and I cannot walk. I just hope that this is over soon.

ŸI am an expectant mother, 39 weeks pregnant. I have been having the white discharge for two days now. The discharge appears like snot. A week ago, I went for an examination and the doctor said that I was having contractions. The first day the discharge started coming out, it had traces of blood, which just dropped into the toilet. Although the doctor had pronounced that I was having contractions, I did not feel like I am having any contractions. However, I started experiencing the contractions after the plug was out. I am now experiencing contractions every now and then, but the water has not broken.

Things You Should Know About the Discharge

While 40 weeks pregnant white discharge is normal for pregnant women, there are various aspects of the discharge that you need to know, some of which are mentioned below.

1. An increase of mucous in late pregnancy

As the days go by, you will notice that the amount of discharge from the cervix increases. As such, the 39 weeks pregnant white discharge should not come as a surprise. The reason why the discharge increases during pregnancy is that the region is receiving an increased amount of blood supply, which is rich in hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen. These hormones make the vagina soft. This in turn causes the mucus lining to swell, hence producing more secretions. To many women, this increased discharge comes as a surprise or even a shock. This is particularly the case if the lady had been using pills for a couple of years.

When taken for a considerable period, the pill will reduce the amount of discharge from the vagina, in relation to the usual menstrual cycle. In some cases, these changes in discharge will be accompanied by changes in the genitals. For instance, the increased level of hormones can lead to heightened sexual sensations or make the vagina to appear blue or purplish in color. As the baby develops and grows bigger, it exerts pressure on the vulva, making the vagina as well as the genitals to appear fuller.

2. What the discharge should look like

In normal circumstances, the discharge is supposed to be milky white in color or have a clear mucus appearance. Additionally, the vaginal discharge should not have a foul smell. However, it may smell a bit different from what you are used to. The discharge should not itch or irritate your genitals as well, but if you experience an itchy feeling after the discharge, it may be an indicator of vaginal infection or even thrush. To counter the increased discharge, some ladies choose to wear panty liners. However, you should limit the frequency of wearing the liners to prevent Gardnerella and thrush. Other women prefer to use the panty liners towards the last days of the pregnancy as the amount of discharge increases. In other cases, changing the pants several times a day may solve the problem.

3. Is it discharge or my waters?

In some cases, the vaginal discharge may pool in the vagina while you sleep and trickle out the moment you get up. In some cases, this is confused for water breaking. If you are confusing this for water breaking, you should call a caregiver, especially if your pregnancy is less than 37 weeks old. Alternatively, you may empty the bladder in the toilet and then wear pads. To ascertain what it really is. If after this the fluid continues to come out for a considerable period, it probably is the waters and you should seek immediate medical attention.

4. Is it a show?

While 39 or 40 weeks pregnant white discharge may not be an accurate indicator that labor is approaching, it may be a sure indicator. This is particularly the case if the discharge is thick and appears like mucous and is either brown, pink or is stained with blood. In some cases, this discharge may come out in form of a large 'blob' or in small drabs and small as you use a toilet paper to wipe yourself.

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