Sex During Third Trimester

Sex during pregnancy is not pleasurable for all females who are pregnant especially when they have to deal with the symptoms of fatigue, nausea and vomiting. However, certain females develop a craving for sex during pregnancy. Males also have a differing opinion regarding the topic. Some males find a female sexiest during pregnancy, whereas, some males are too cautious for fear of hurting the baby during sex.

However, sex during pregnancy is quite safe for most of the females who have low-risk and uncomplicated pregnancies. There are some precautions to take regarding sex during third trimester as this is close to your labor.

Is Sex During Third Trimester Safe?

During the third trimester of pregnancy, as your baby bump grows, it is quite likely for you to feel very fatigued and tired. Your sex drive may also decrease by the extra weight of the baby, and the physical changes also accompany pregnancy such as symptoms of swollen ankles, backache and heartburn. It is fine to feel that way and you don’t have to feel guilty due to this in front of your partner. If you are comfortable with your larger bump and still feel to have sex, you can do so. Every female is different, hence, do as you feel like and feel comfortable with.

Sex during third trimester of pregnancy is safe if your pregnancy is normal and without any complications. You can get creative and try positions which put lesser pressure on your bigger bump.

However, having sex during third trimester may not be safe in situations such as:

  • If you have placenta previa (all or a part of your cervix is covered by the placenta), then sex is not safe. During sex if there is a contact of the penis with the cervix or there are contractions due to orgasm, the placenta may get traumatized leading to significant bleeding that may risk your pregnancy.
  • If you have bleeding from vagina.
  • In cases where the water is broken, in which situations there are chances of your baby getting an infection.
  • If you have a history of preterm or premature labor.
  • If you have a condition called cervical insufficiency.

What Are the Best Positions of Sex During Third Trimester?

  • Spooning position in which you are lying on your side with your knees folded upwards towards your baby bump and your partner enters you from behind. In this position the penetration is not too deep and your baby bump can be rested safely on the bed.
  • You on top. Your partner lies on his back and you lie on top of him, sitting astride him, you can lower yourself onto him. In this position you can control the amount of penetration while rocking gently.
  • From behind. You get down on your knees and hands and your partner enters from behind. If you feel that the penetration is too deep, ask your partner to hold back.
  • Side-by-side position in which you lie facing each other and your leg lies over your partner. In this position the penetration is not too deep and your baby bump is supported by the bed.

In the later stages of pregnancy, you may develop contractions referred to as Braxton Hicks contractions by sex or an orgasm. These can make the muscles of your uterus tighten and your bump feels hard. You should panic in such situation as this is perfectly normal.

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Sex During the First and Second Trimester

Whether or not you can have sex or feel like having sex during the first and second trimester depends on many things, especially your body changes in these stages. It is safe for you to have sex as long as you feel comfortable and your pregnancy is not suffering from health conditions which prohibit having sex.

1. Sex During the First Trimester

Though it is very early on in your pregnancy and your baby bump may not be showing, still your sex drive may decrease as several changes are happening in your body. You may feel like not having sex because you feel extremely tired as the baby is developing at a rapid rate, your breasts become larger and tender as your body is preparing itself for breast feeding or you are having symptoms of morning sickness such as nausea and vomiting and they may strike at any time during the day.

On the other hand, some females may feel sexy even with these changes taking place in their body. Hence, you should follow the signals of your body and whatever is comfortable to you.

2. Sex During the Second Trimester

For many females during the second trimester of pregnancy the energy levels boost and there is disappearance of the symptoms of morning sickness. This is often referred to as the blooming stage that is often noticed by others. You may find that your skin is glowing and hair is shining due to the hormonal changes that are happening in your body. Your baby bump is now visible and people began to notice the changes. Many females get relaxed during this stage as the risk of miscarriage falls in this stage you feel confident with your body and pregnancy.

For some females, the symptoms of morning sickness such as nausea, vomiting and a reduced sex drive may even continue in the second trimester. If you also have these symptoms, you should take proper rest. Take proper care of yourself to feel relaxed and good about your body and your pregnancy.

During the second trimester you will be recommended to have various antenatal tests such as the amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS). It is quite likely that after the tests you will be recommended to take proper rest and avoid sex for a couple of days.

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