Can I Get Pregnant by Having Sex Right After Period?

It is in fact possible to conceive immediately after your period ends, but in reality the chances are extremely low. It all comes down to the length of your cycle and how long your periods go on for, but more often than not it isn’t likely to happen. In women that experience long periods and short cycles, it is still possible for an egg to be released very quickly after the end of a period. If and when this happens, the egg can be fertilized as normal and conception can occur.

What Should You Know about Chances of Getting Pregnant?

A widespread problem exists of couples not actively wishing to conceive a child relying on what they feel to be a safe time of the month to have sex without taking precautions. Although the odds of falling pregnant after having sex immediately following a period is low, there is always the chance it could happen to pretty much anyone.

Another thing to be aware of is that it is also very possible to become pregnant during this so-called safe zone of the month, even if the penis is withdrawn prior to ejaculation. Semen is released throughout sex, such as those in precum, so any sex whatsoever without protection can lead to pregnancy.

In rare instances, women find themselves falling pregnant despite not having penetrative sex with their male partner. Sperm can be exceptionally resilient and live on for several days after ejaculation, meaning that if either partner has sperm on their hands or other body parts and these come into contact with the vagina, conception is a definite possibility.

How to Calculate the Most Fertile Days (Understanding the Menstrual Cycle)

The time between the first day of your period and the beginning of your next period represents your menstrual cycle. Ovulation generally occurs around two weeks before the beginning of a period, during which time a woman is at her most fertile and stands the highest chance of conception. As such, this is known as the ‘fertile window’ during which sex is recommended for couples trying to conceive.

Getting pregnant immediately following a period is far from likely, but certain can occur. The fact that sperm have the ability to survive for up to a week following ejaculation into the vagina means that should ovulation occur even several days after sex, the egg may still be fertilized.

As such, it is simple common sense to state that unless you want to get pregnant, it is essential to use birth control at all times of the month when having sex.

If a couple is looking to conceive, one of the best ways of increasing their chances of success is to invest in a home ovulation testing kit. These kits range from simple strips that test the urine right through to digital computers that keep track of things month by month. Ovulation is often very difficult to detect without such tests.

Experiences of Other People:

I’m not the type to take comfort in the misfortune of others, but it’s nonetheless comforting to know that there are women all over the place that have ended up getting pregnant after having sex in the alleged ‘safe zone’ of the month! My periods have always been as regular and predictable as it gets, so I saw no harm in relaxing the usual precautions when I figured it was impossible to get pregnant. Turns out it wasn’t a good idea – I’ve now found out I’m eight weeks pregnant and it really hasn’t started to sink in yet.

I must be one of the many people out there that managed to get pregnant during what’s supposed to be the hardest time of the month. I know this because we took a break from trying to have a kid and, without boring you with the details, when I found out I was pregnant it occurred to me that the only possible time of conception was precisely when we shouldn’t have been able to conceive! It ended up being the best accident of our lives and we couldn’t be happier!

Watch a video for more information:

There are plenty of helpful videos out there with further information on getting pregnant and the various times of the month to be aware of – here’s one of the best to check out:

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