How to Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat

Inner thigh fat are rather annoying, especially in summer days when women prefer to wear shorts. Getting rid of inner thigh fat demands one to embrace a healthier diet and also make exercise part of their daily routine. The inner thigh exercises works especially to lose inner thigh fat.

How to Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat

1. Inner thigh-toning exercises

  • Side and crossover lunge


    1. Stand straight with your feet firmly together. Keep your arms down by the sides. Let your posture remain straight but ensure your shoulders are relaxed. This exercise helps tone the inner thighs since it exercises them from different angles.

    2. Using your left foot, you can take a wide side-step. Bend your knees in order to push your hips behind you when you are stepping out. The right leg should remain extended as you shift your body weight on your left side. Let your back remain straight. Keep your face forward by the time you start moving.

    3. With your finger tips, touch the ground. Keep your arms on either side of the left foot.

    4. Stand back up with your legs crossed

    5. Touch the floor and bend immediately

    6. Stand and repeat the exercise – stand up and start pushing off with the left foot and then return to the starting point.

  • Inner thigh squeeze


    1. Pick an exercise ball that you feel comfortable with. If your height is between 5’’1 and 5’’7, please choose an exercise ball of 55-cm. If you are 6’2 or taller, choose a 75-cm ball. When you are starting out with these exercises, you can deflate the exercise ball slightly in order to use it easily.

    2. Lie flat on the floor while holding the ball in between your legs- hold the exercise ball firmly between your thighs. Remember to lift your legs in the air slightly.

    3. Slightly squeeze the ball applying only enough pressure to hold it in place.

    4. Tightly squeeze the exercise ball with your inner thigh muscles, use as much force as you can. Keep your legs raised in the air.

    5. Rest for a while and then repeat the exercise. You can do 5 to 15 reps depending on your leg strength. Rest and continue till the leg muscles start feeling tired.

  • Squat lifts


    1. Make use of a resistant band for your exercises as they make squat lifts more effective. These lifts can also work your inner thigh besides improving on stability and balance. If you lack a resistance band, make use of your ankle weights to help you work your thigh muscles more

    2. Start by placing one end of this band round the left ankle. Attach the other end to a sturdy piece of furniture. Let the area around the ankle remain loosely tense and legs slightly apart. When performing this exercise, keep both hands placed on the hips.

    3. With your right leg, step out making sure your right knee is slightly bent as though you are ready to do a squat. Spread your legs out to your side.

    4. Lift the left leg and straighten the right leg gradually. Shift the left leg out and keep it in front of the right leg. Keep the left leg off the ground and also keep the thighs crossed. Ensure that your body weight is shifted over the right leg.

    5. Rest for a while and then repeat the exercise. You can do 8 reps for each leg. Repeat each set 16 times

  • Side lying hip adduction


    1. Lie flat on your side. Straighten out both legs and stack one foot on top of the other foot. This is an ideal exercise for adductors, which are a group of muscles along the pubic bone and femur. The shoulders and hips ought to be perpendicular with the floor with the head aligned straight with the spine. You can support the spine by simply tensing the abdominal muscles.

    2. Keep the lower leg forward. It is supposed to lie on the front of the upper leg. The legs must be straight as you bring the right leg down to the floor, to ensure the feet remain rested on the floor.

    3. Raise the lower leg off the ground/ floor. After breathing out, lift the lower leg to place it above the upper leg’s foot. Avoid rolling the hips forward and backward. If you experience tension in the lower back muscles, please stop the exercise.

    4. You can rest for a moment and then repeat this exercise. After breathing in, slowly return the legs to their starting position.

  • Scissor kicks


    1. Lie flat on the back with your heels on the floor and hands kept palm-side down at the sides. Both legs should remain flat against the floor. This exercise helps in toning the inner thigh muscles along with the lower abdomen.

    2. Keep the hands beneath the rear and also stretch the legs. Lift the legs 4 to 6 inches off the floor. When the thighs are partially flat, keep the knees and feet off the floor.

    3. Starts crossing the legs back and forth-also start performing a scissor like motion with the legs. Squeeze the thighs together with each pass you perform.

    4. After resting for a 5 to 15 seconds, repeat the exercise at your will. Perform each set six to eight times.

  • You can watch a video on the best workouts to lose inner thigh fat:

2. Low calorie, low-fat diet

High presence of calories and fat in the body is the ultimate cause of thigh fat in women. When the two are limited in the body, they can be burned off quite easily. In this method, please take note of the following.

  • Keep low calorie intake. If you are a moderately active woman, you are supposed to lower your calorie intake to about 1200 to 1500 calories every day. Such an amount of calories is quite easy for your body to burn completely within a relatively short duration.
  • Limit saturated fat. Consuming a diet with a high concentration of saturated fat leads to additional fats being stored in the body. Such fats can be difficult to burn, and they can lead to uncontrolled thigh fat in women. Always consume 35 to 60 grams of saturated fats a day.
  • Have more lean protein and less red meat. Lean protein sources are known for having less saturated fat. Similarly, white meat has less saturated fat than red meat. Eating less protein and less red meat ensures there is less consumption of saturated fat. Replace pork and beef (which are classified as red meat) with turkey, fish or chicken.
  • Have more whole grains. Whole grains require the body to burn a lot of energy as your body will need more effort to break down whole grains. Whole grains will also provide your body with additional fiber, which is essential in flushing your system thus preventing your body from putting on extra weight.
  • Opt for low-fat dairy. Calcium will ultimately regulate how your body stores, breaks down and even build fats. Therefore, remember to include low-fat dairy in your daily diet. Instead of choosing whole-fat dairy, go for low-fat dairy since it has less fat.

3. Cardio exercises

Cardio exercise is essential in helping women burn calories and body fat. Cardio exercises can still help women develop lean muscle tissue, therefore, keeping their legs toned.

To effectively use these exercises for burning your thigh fat, please select a cardio exercise that will involve your thighs. Such cardio exercises include running, stair climbing, brisk walking, elliptical training, cycling and rowing. For notable weight loss results, the American College of Medicine has recommended one to one and half hours of training five days a week.

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