How to Remove Hair Permanently

It is a desire of every woman to have natural radiant and glowing skin. To ensure a smoother skin, women have been battling with the unwanted hair growth for centuries. There are different hair removal products available in the market today that may help in getting rid of unwanted facial and body hair. Besides, professional treatments like laser, as well as home remedies can also help to remove unwanted hair permanently.

How to Remove Hair Permanently

There are different methods available that can help in curbing this issue for good.

1. Electrolysis

According to experts it is one of the safest methods that help in permanent removal of your hair. This method kills the cell responsible for hair growth. A small needle is inserted that slides deeper inside the hair follicle and then the electrolytic rays permanently destroy the follicle. The process is a little painful therefore local anesthetic creams are applied before initiating the procedure.

Best for: Most of the women prefer this method for the removal of facial hair but it can used in all other parts of the body as well with excellent results.

Time needed: The procedure looks daunting as the hair by hair removal approach is needed and total duration is dependent on the requirements of the person. There are 25 sessions of 5 to 10 minutes duration and the session can be increased depending on the requirement of the removal.

Cost: The treatment price is between $40 and $90 for 10 to 25 treatments. It increases if you require more sessions.

Potential side effects: Electrolysis procedure may leave a scar at the point of insertion of needle but in most cases the scar resolves spontaneously. It is not recommended for dark- skinned individuals due to significant risk of hyper pigmentation and keloids formation.

2. Laser Removal

This is the most wanted hair removal method which is done with laser therapy. In this method the light energy destroys the hair root down through the follicle. Hair does not come out instantly but get weakens and as it has no roots it falls after some time. Another type of laser removal is called DUET in which suction pulls the hair to follicle and let the laser beam to pierce deeply which gives a more significant result. This method is comfortable and larger areas can be treated in one time.

Best for: The best result of laser treatment can be seen on a person having light skin tone with dark hair. It can be done on any part of the body. It is not very successful on blond or white hair.

Time needed: It can be done in 5 to 7 sessions after that a touchup is required once a year.

Cost: The price of the treatment is in between $150 and $500 which will increase if more sessions are required.

Potential side effects: Most of the laser therapy is fine for Hispanics skin type. Nd:YAG laser is secure for dark-skinned individuals. All type of laser removal leaves the risk of dark spots (hyper pigmentation) which can further create keloids.

Laser Hair Removal - Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently:

3. At-Home Hair Removal Laser

There are different laser products available in the market which can easily be used in home setting and works like a professional laser treatment. The tria hair removal laser is a breakthrough in home laser technology. It can be applied on body and face which gives a magnificent result in 2 to 3 sessions. The technology consists of a diode laser which targets the root melanin and destroys the follicle without affecting the surrounding skin area. It gives the permanent result with great comfort and it is affordable. It is easy to handle with none risk issues.

Here is a video link that may enlighten you more about Tria Beauty At-home Laser Hair Removal System:

4. Home Remedies

There are many ways to remove hair at home by shaving, threading, waxing etc. Recently ayurveda appeared to be the most reliable way of removing hair. When it is applied for long time on skin it permanently removes the hair. The preparation of ayurveda required two important ingredients namely Kusuma Oil and Thanaka.


Thanaka is produced largely in Burma. It is of yellowish white in color and used as herbal paste in different cosmetics. Thanaka has an anti-aging property and also used as an ingredient in sunblocks. It conditioned the skin and makes it smooth. It is easily available on different ayurvedic stores.

Safflower oil

This is another name of Kusuma oil and it has tremendous benefits in medicine.

There is a particular way of removing hair in ayurveda and by using this procedure for some time repeatedly can help you to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently. As compared to other hair removing products ayurveda leaves the skin glowing, soft and smooth. It is time taking but result will be lasting forever. Below are the easy steps of procedure through which you can stop unwanted hair growth.


  • Make a paste of Kusuma oil and Thanaka by grinding it.
  • By using any hair removing cream or wax remove all the undesirable hair from your body.
  • Take the paste and apply it on the body by doing massage in a way that it gets soaked in the open pores of hair.
  • Leave it for minimum three hours so that it get dried then wash it.
  • Repeating this method for at least 100 days will result in complete hair removal. This ancient remedy has no side effects as compared to other cosmetic products and is considered safest and trusted method of all.
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