My Vagina is Small, Should I Worry?

Many advertisements online and elsewhere mislead women into thinking of having various forms of physical enhancements or changes to improve their love life. This includes reshaping or changing the size of their small vaginas. Women must be wary of these ads and consult their own doctors first before considering any ‘rejuvenating’ or ‘corrective’ surgery on their sex organs. What is the cause for this? When should you worry about your vagina being too small?

Is My Vagina Too Small?

Normal Vaginal Size

In the 1960s, scientists named Masters and Johnsons found in a study which involved 100 women that the size of the vagina varies from 2.75 to 3.25 inches. This length is common among those who have never been pregnant and who are not sexually stimulated. However, when sexually aroused the vagina may expand to 4.25 to 4.75 inches. It was also found that no matter what the size of the vagina, only the outer third of its length is important for a woman’s sexual response.

Accommodating and Changeable

Experts state that the vagina has muscular walls, which make it an elastic organ, just like the stomach. During an unstimulated, contracted state, the vagina can hold your tiny tampon in place. However, its walls can expand wide enough to allow a baby to be born through it.

The symptoms that make them feel that they are unusually small include:

  • Pain experienced during sexual intercourse
  • Not being able to have sex at all
  • Not being able to insert a tampon

Most women who complain about these problems are eventually found to have normal-sized vaginas. However, they may be found to be suffering from vaginismus, a common condition where your vaginal muscles may increase contraction whenever the genitals are touched.

Women who want to find out if their vagina is too small should check the signs for abnormal vaginal smallness, or consult an experienced doctor who will perform an internal examination on their genitals.

Is My Vagina too Small Because I Haven’t Start My Period?

Some young girls who are still undergoing puberty wonder if their small vaginas are due to not being able to have their periods yet. When they picture of mature women who are sexually active already, they may feel their vaginas are very small compared to those women. In reality, the size of one’s vagina does not depend on whether one has already had her periods or not. The elasticity of the vagina however, is affected by the amount of sexual activity the woman is engaged in, since the vagina may lose its elasticity with frequent stretching. This is even more evident in women who have given birth naturally, because the size of a baby stretches the vaginal walls more than usual.

When Should I Worry?

1. Apparent 'Smallness'

In rare cases, the apparently small vaginas are due to the presence of a septum or wall in the vagina, which splits the vagina into two parts. This gives it a double barrel appearance, which is acquired at birth. The good news is that this condition can be surgically repaired. It is advisable for women who have this condition to visit a gynecologist who can give you a proper diagnosis and treatment for the condition.

2. Involuntary Vaginal Muscle Constrictions due to Vaginismus and Aging

For some women sexual tightness becomes a problem because penetration becomes difficult during intercourse. They wonder if their vaginas are too small or if these have become smaller because of lack of use. This type of problem occurs at any time for many women, and it is most commonly caused by vaginismus. Ageing also may contribute to the problem.

Vaginismus may make your vagina seem unusually small, but no abnormality may be seen physically. The pubococcygeus muscles may constrict, causing unusual tightness in the vagina.

Typically, the vagina can accommodate any size of a man's penis, no matter what the woman's height, age, or size. The vagina widens even much larger to be able to accommodate a baby being delivered at childbirth. Vaginismus however, disables your vagina during intercourse, making attempts to be difficult, painful, or even impossible.

Ageing women may also begin to experience sexual tightness after some time of sexual inactivity, menopause, or surgery. Ageing or disuse can make the vagina shrink or atrophy. Doctors usually prescribe using dilators that gently stretch vaginal walls.

Women must realize that involuntary vaginal tightness due to vaginismus can undergo a vaginismus self-help program, which may be helpful to improve pelvic floor elasticity and control. They must consult a doctor to restore their ability to enjoy intercourse.

How to Increase Vaginal Flexibility

Sometimes vaginismus (small vagina) occurs when a woman is about to have sex for the first time with a partner. They are sometimes afraid that their vagina is too small for their partner’s penis. Some experts recommend a technique to increase vaginal flexibility. It involves perineal massage, which makes the vagina stretch, just as gymnasts do to be able to perform splits and other moves. This is usually recommended for pregnant women before they give birth although anyone can do these, especially when having sex with someone for the first time. 

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