How Do Girls Masturbate?

Masturbation is a very common behavior, and what was once regarded as a perversion or mental problem, is now accepted as a normal sexual activity that can be safe, pleasant, and fulfilling. Truth is, masturbation is the first sexual act experienced by most people, and it's not just for guys. Girls can also masturbate, and they can do it in many different ways.

How Do Girls Masturbate?

Self-gratification depends on the individual, and every woman has a different way of masturbating. Some women use their hands to stimulate their genitals, while others prefer to use vibrators. Still others may find anal stimulation, or fondling of the breasts is what rings their 'bell'. However, all women usually find out through practice, learning what body parts to stimulate that creates the most pleasure for them, because the goal is the same for all of them, and that's orgasm.

Below are particular ways that girls masturbate:

1. By Stimulating Clitoris

Women are blessed with a clitoris, and many women masturbate by stroking their fingers across their clitoris using different speeds and levels of pressure to achieve orgasm. They can also stimulate the clitoris with objects such as vibrators, water pressure from a hand held showerhead, or even a textured towel. Some women tease themselves into more powerful orgasms by stopping masturbation just short of climax, then resuming masturbation two or three times before finally letting go with the big "O".

2. By Using Vibrators

Women also achieve self-gratification by using a sex toy such as a vibrator. The vibrator can come in many different sizes or shapes, and can be made from different materials to allow for pre-chilling/heating preferences. Some are area specific for anal stimulation, or curved to stimulate their G-spot when simulating vaginal intercourse.

3. By Stimulating Anus

How do girls masturbate? Stimulating the anus is another way women use to get sexually aroused. By rubbing or tickling their anus with their fingers, or probing their anus with a sex toy specially designed for the anus, women find that there are more ways than one to achieve the ultimate orgasm.

4. By Fondling Breasts

The breasts,although not technically considered a sex organ, can be a source of extreme pleasure for women. From rubbing and caressing, to boldly using suction cups or clamps on the nipples, it's just another part of the female anatomy than can bring both pleasure and self-gratification for most women.

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