New Choice Pregnancy Test

In the United States, the pregnancy test kit manufacturing business is all about creating diagnostic and easy to purchase over-the-counter products. The kits test for the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone produced during pregnancy. This hormone is created from cells that make the placenta supplying nutrition to the fertilized egg. This occurs after the placenta unites with the wall of the uterus. The urine test to detect pregnancy is performed by measuring hCG, a chemical found only in the urine of pregnant women. The New Choice pregnancy test kit uses urine rather than blood tests for pregnancy results providing less expensive and faster results. The hCG amounts are noticeable at about 12 to 14 days after conception using the urine test kit and hCG doubles every 3 days peaking at about 14 weeks then start declining.

Am I Pregnant or Not?

To know this, a pregnancy test could possibly resolve the question for you. You want to know which test kits will give you the most accurate information that can be achieved quickly in your home. The most reliable test kits can be purchased inexpensively at dollar stores at a cost of only a few dollars up to $20. The New Choice pregnancy test is available at General Dollar and Dollar Tree discount stores. Available since 1978, home pregnancy tests provide accurate results and are just as reliable as the most expensive ones at high-end retailers.

A quick trip for a cost-effective Dollar Tree pregnancy test for the remarkable pregnancy testkit will give you a dependable answer to “Am I pregnant?”

New Choice Pregnancy Test Sensitivity and Dependability

How the test works: The New Choice pregnancy test is dependent upon the level of the hCG hormone in your urine at the time you perform the test. Take the test one week after a missed period for 99 percent accuracy. Once the fertilized egg has attached to the uterus, usually about 6 days after conception, hCG is manufactured by your body. New Choice pregnancy test sensitivity can be accurate in as little as one day for some women yet not for others. Ten percent of women will not have embryo implantation until a later time. The hCG hormone supports Progesterone, a male hormone in all women, for hCG to sustain your pregnancy.

The pregnancy tests can reveal hCG levels as small as 20 mlU/ml and specific Internet sites assert 25 mlU/ml. It is purported that the levels are much lower currently. Costing only $1.00, you can find value in the kit providing you do not become too excited about an ambiguous or unclear result.

What Happens After I Take the Test?

After you urinate in a cup and insert the tip of the absorbent and sensitive device, be sure to wait as the instructions state for an accurate result. Don’t try to hurry the test results. Then you will see one or two pink lines. The good news is that one line means you are not pregnant and two lines mean you are. The second line might be a light pink, but a line is a line, and you are indeed pregnant. But wait, the second line can also be a dark pink. This is entirely dependent on the amount of hCG that has accumulated in your urine. The Dollar Tree pregnancy test will ensure you of your pregnancy-related outcome.

Your Next Period—of Significance

Do not put off a visit to your healthcare provider for the well-being of you and the new life you are about to introduce to the world. You're accomplished knowing of this baby by using the affordable and ever so accurate New Choice pregnancy test.

“With my first two pregnancies, I picked up the expensive test kits from stores other than the dollar stores because I seldom go to those stores. I needed the test kit and stumbled upon it at the right time. The price was unbelievable and 75% lower in cost than the price I’d paid at the other costly stores. These lower priced test kits function the same way as the pricey ones since they do the same hormone revealing. I had to use a cup to catch the urine, but that’s better than urinating down my legs trying to focus the urine on the test stick’s tip only as the instructions say to do.”

—Veronica Sanchez

“This has got to be the best test there is! I tested myself 3 days before my period due date. Guess what? Within 2 minutes, it showed positive for pregnancy. Additionally, I did the extra dollar store test I had sitting in the cabinet, and it showed the same results. Peeing in a cup is a convenience to having it go all over the place and my legs as well. I give this a good review and if I think I might be pregnant, will not buy another brand next time.”

—Maryann Wickes

“Last month I had a false positive. This month it showed positive in 3 minutes time. Some of my friends knew they were pregnant with other kind of tests. It’s easier and cheaper to pee on them than others are, so I’ll keep on using them. When my husband gets home, I’ll have him take me to get the good tests if I have another positive show up. One time it was 25 days late for my AF, so I went ballistic when it showed me a positive. A couple of days earlier, it was negative test. Then I went to my doctor’s office and her urine and blood tests were negative. Yay!”

—Jane Nguyen

“For me, it was much more valuable for cost because I took test a lot. I did not use morning time urine mentioned in instruction sheet and it is not really that critical. The expensive ones work at earlier times than cheap ones that give me negatives then some days later it is positive. I buy two because cheaper than the early tests made.”

—Lakshmi Mali

“I paid for CVS Pharmacy Early Result and First Response Early Result. These both said light positive 2-3 minutes later. I will buy more and use them to see if they turn positive for me. I’ll also go to my doctor for a blood test to see if I’m pregnant and I hope so. The other 2 tests are more sensitive from the other tests. A few months ago, I had a miscarriage when I was 5 weeks along. That was the one test brand that showed me a negative answer. I saw positive on other brands I tried using and I used many and maybe I used all brands out there. Might be something to think about.”

—Sandy Page    

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