TobraDex Ointment

Got swollen, infected eyes? Look no further than TobraDex. TobraDex ointment is formed from the confluence of two medicines for the purpose of treating the bacterial infection and swelling. On the eye, it is applied directly.

Active ingredients include tobramycin and dexamethasone, an antibiotic and steroid respectively. The former kills harmful bacteria, while the later eases comfort and attacks the inflammation.

What You Should Know Before Using TobraDex Ointment?

Before using TobraDex ointment, be sure to consult your doctor, especially if you are: pregnant or think you may be pregnant; taking any prescription or nonprescription medicine; allergic to certain types of medicines, food, or other things; noticing a thinning around the cornea or sclera (the white section of the eye); or if you have diabetes.

TobraDex ointment is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, and can interact with other medicines. Even though that risk is low, consult your doctor before using TobraDex.

Some side effects of TobraDex eye ointment include blurred vision, so avoid driving or potentially unsafe endeavors while using the cream. If symptoms do not improve, consult your doctor.

Use TobraDex eye ointmentfor the entire duration of the treatment. Failure to do so may result in a failure to eradicate the bacterial infection.

Using TobraDexlong term can create a second infection. If you have future eye problems, do not use TobraDex eye cream for a second time; consult your doctor instead.

While using the cream, the doctor may recommend lab tests and eye exams to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment. Additionally, TobraDexshould not be used in children under 2 years of age.

How to Use TobraDex Ointment Safely

If using the ophthalmic ointment version of TobraDex, follow these instructions carefully.

  • ŸFirst, wash hands and place finger on lower skin of eye to create space for the ointment.
  • ŸThen take a thin strip of ointment into this gap, usually consisting of no more than a ½ strip of ointment. Release the eyelid and close the eyes, and keep them closed for 1-2 minutes. This allows time for the medicine to reach the infected areas.
  • ŸKeeping the medicine germ free is a must! So do not touch the applicator tip, nor allow it to touch any surface, which includes the eye. Use a clean tissue, or clean piece of toilet paper to wipe the tip of the tube. Refrain from washing the tip with water and keep the tube closed tightly.

Possible Side Effects of TobraDex Ointment

No matter how effective a medicine is, it might cause some unwanted side effects, and TobraDex ointment is no exception. However, not all the side effects would happen, but there is still the possibility and when they do happen, see medical attention immediately.

Some possible side effects include an itching sensation in the eye and a subsequent reddening of the eye. In rare cases, the side effects include: a delaying of the healing, eye pain, or gradual blurriness and loss of vision. If any other symptoms occur, consult your doctor or physician.

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