10 Ways to Make a Room Smell Good

There’s something special about that sweet smell of home. It’s not an in-your-face sort of scent. It’s subtle, and you’re not always aware of it until you walk into the room after you’ve been away for some time. Then the memories come flooding back.

If you want to create this kind of effect in your room, you need to start by eliminating any foul, musty or dusty smells. You can then choose what sort of scent you want to go with between clean, fresh or fragranced. Below are some tips on how to make your room smell good.

Tips for Making Your Room Smell Good

1. Freshen the Carpet

One of the most popular flooring options is carpet. This is because it is comfortable to walk on and helps muffle sound and is unaffected by swings in temperature. A carpet also has a considerable impact on the décor or the room. However, a carpet is a bad smell magnet since it has a tendency to hold grunge, pollen and mold from your feet. With time, these nasties can harbor bad smells that permeate all through the room.

To keep your carpet smelling fresh at all times, sprinkle some baking soda over it and wait for about an hour before vacuuming away the powder. Make a habit of removing your shoes before entering the room. This will helps keep the carpet clean.

2. Open the Windows

The easiest way to freshen up your room is to open the windows and let the fresh air and sunlight in. If you do not live in an industrial area or close to a busy freeway, then the air in your room is usually more polluted than the outdoors. The indoors is usually polluted by pollen, mold, fuel burning appliances, cleaning products, carbon monoxide and VOCs. Make sure to open the windows every morning. This is how to make your room smell good.  

3. Try Beeswax Candles

You can use beeswax candles to give your room a light honey-like scent. The candles will also have a purifying effect on the air in your room. When they are burned, the candles give off negative ions. These ions help neutralize the bad ions in your room like dust, allergens and other airborne toxins.  

4. Spray Scented Cleaning Vinegar

Covering up unpleasant smells is usually not enough to get rid of them. Cleaning up is usually best to completely get rid of the source of the smells. Using a cleaner that leaves a fresh scent is even better. You can make scented cleaning vinegar and use it to clean all surfaces in the room. The citrus scent smells wonderful and will freshen up the room in a few minutes.

5. Grow Indoor Plants

You can use houseplants to help purify the air in your room. Snake plants, lady palms, English ivy and dracaena are some of the plants you can grow around the house to help control odors and purify the air.

6. Use Commercial Air Freshener

Air fresheners are designed to make the air in your house smell fresh and wonderful. They contain chemicals that help mask bad odors. They also contain fragrances that make the air in the room where they’re used smell nice. You can select a fragrance based on your preference.  Commercial air fresheners are available in the form of waxes, gels, diffusers and sprays. They are a great option if you need to get rid of bad odor instantly. This is how to make your room smell good.

7. Burn Incense

You’ll find incense in many forms and smells. To burn incense, insert the stick into an incense holder with the skinny end going in first. Light the opposite end and wat for the tip to glow before you blow out the flame. The sweet smell released thereafter will mask the bad odor in the room almost immediately. If you have a large room, you can spread the scent by placing the incense on one end of the room and setting up a fan next to the incense.  Make sure the fan blows towards the opposite side of the room. Make sure not to leave the incense unattended as it is a fire risk.

8. Use a Fan

This is a no-brainer. Fans helps boost the refreshing power of clean air. You need to open your windows to get the most out of your fan. Turn it on and let it create a calm breeze that sweeps across the room spearing the fresh air from the outdoors.

9. Wash Your Dog

It’s possible that your favorite pet is bringing the bad smell into your room. To get rid of this odor, give your dog a bath regularly. Use scented pet shampoo and give them a good scrub. Don’t stop there. Wash your dog’s bedding by throwing them into the washing machine to get rid of lingering odors.

10. Clean Toilets

If there’s a toilet close to the room, then it can cause bad odor to spread throughout the house. You need to clean the toilet regularly since it’s a hotbed of bacteria, mildew, mold, and other nasties. Pour about 1 cup of vinegar on the seat and into the bowl. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and then scrub thoroughly with a toilet brush. Wipe the seat with a piece of cloth and then flush the toilet to clear any particles that may have come loose. Ensuring no odors are coming from the toilet is how to make your room smell good. 

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