Alexandria’s Genesis

There has been much debate regarding whether or not Alexandria’s genesis exists. It seems as though this condition is the result of an urban legend since no one with this disorder appears to exist today so far as the scientific community is aware. It also seems as though this condition could exist or it may have existed in the past, leading to further speculation. Is Alexandria’s Genesis real or just fictional? What is the story behind it?

What Is Alexandria’s Genesis?

Alexandria’s Genesis or violet eyes is considered a genetic mutation that causes the eyes to turn from blue or gray to purple for around the following six months after they have been born. During puberty the color is said to deepen to a royal or violet-blue purple and remain this dark purple way, but will not affect the person’s ability to see. Those that have this mutation are said to never grow pubic, facial, body or anal hair excluding that on the top of their head, ears, eyebrows, eyelashes and noses. Some also say that women with this condition are fertile but do not menstruate.

Additional sources say that this condition can cause a variety of symptoms including shimmering white skin that is immune to burning or tanning. Women are said to carry this mutation and it is said to affect those with black or blue hair more often. People claim that those with this mutation can live up to 130-150 years with aging stopping around 50, they do not gain weight and have a good figure no matter how much they eat, rarely digest and are immune to most diseases so they rarely become ill. This mutation is said to affect Caucasians more often but interracial children may experience this mutation if they get it from multiple genes.

What Is the Origin of Alexandria’s Genesis?

The legend of this mutation began 1000 years ago in Egypt when a mysterious light flashed in the sky and everyone that went outside to see it developed pale skin and purple eyes. These individuals began to be known as spirit people who moved north and eventually disappeared. The story also notes that the first recorded instance of this disorder appearing was in England in 1329. A newborn known as Alexandria was born with purple eyes and was said to later give birth to other girls with the disorder that lived well over 100 years of age. The actual generic variant that causes this disorder was said to be discovered in the 1960s.

Is Alexandria’s Genesis Fact or Fiction?

Alexandria’s Genesis Can Be Real?

Many claim that this disorder is the only way to develop purple eyes. Some say that Elizabeth Taylor have this condition, but this is often refuted by stating that her eyes and those like her are actually violet but tend to appear purple.

Claims that people have Alexandria’s Genesis have existed for so long that it may be possible. There are mutations that cause children to have very short life spans where they age very quickly so it is possible that there is a condition that would cause the opposite to occur. There are also some races that are known for having a very high functioning immune system, so it is possible that some may possess a mutation that helps limit how often they are sick. It is also not farfetched to think of someone that has a high metabolism that does not gain weight easily or has above average eyesight.

Not Enough Scientific Evidence

It is possible that there is a gene variation that can cause purple eyes, lighter skin and allows people to remain healthy so they live longer, but there is not necessarily enough evidence that this specific condition exists today.

The traits of Alexandria’s Genesis appear to be too widespread to be part of a single gene, which means they would have to stem from several unrelated genes. Some of the traits associated with this disorder are physiologically impossible.

  • One could not fail to produce waste because toxins would build up in the body, causing death.
  • Fair skin that resists burning is also impossible because the only way to protect the skin is by the presence of melanin that makes the skin darker.
  • A person who was said to have Alexandria’s Genesis was supposedly said to live past the age of 150 but this is also impossible because the longest reported living person only lived to 122.
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