11 Tips for Anyone Who Dates an Emotionally Unavailable Man

But first – who exactly is an emotionally unavailable man? Bluntly put, he is the kind of man who’s ready to fuck you at the drop of a hat, but is unwilling to give himself up emotionally to you. Or, in other words, basically every hetero male on the planet.

Just kidding…Or am I?

How to Deal with an Emotionally Unavailable Man

1. Don’t Expect Him to Change

A lot of women make the mistake of believing that this “poor soul” can be “saved” through the power of love. Guess what, honey? This ain’t Hollywood. He isn’t “broken” to begin with – it’s who he chooses to be. Some people are happy living promiscuous lives and have zero intentions of settling down. The sooner you accept this fact, the happier you will be in your “relationship”.

2. Don’t Confuse Good Sex with Love

Look. Women are conditioned to be emotional, and it’s very difficult for us to differentiate between good sex as something purely physical, and good sex which comes with a healthy dose of emotions for your partner. Keep in mind that just because you got emotionally involved doesn’t mean that it will change the status quo from his end too – it will remain the same. You should either get rid of your feelings, or him. Even so...

3. It’s Okay to Have Feelings

How to deal with an emotionally unavailable man? By acknowledging the fact that you’re not a robot. Plus, sex whole “sex friend” thing doesn’t usually work for most people, because at least one party ends up getting emotionally involved. So just remember that you’re not the only one out there, and that’s okay. You’re human, and you slipped up. Happens to the best of us.

4. You’re Gonna Be Okay

Heartache is not the worst thing in the world, despite what you may believe. Give it time, and everything will be okay. Of course, in order for it to be okay you need to serve your ties with that dude because there’s no way you can have feelings for someone who isn’t even ready to date you, you know? And if you’re finding it difficult to keep your emotions in check, then you can always...

5. Set a Time Limit

One month, two months, three months – give yourself a time limit and tell yourself, “If I don’t see changes in him before my time is up, then I’m giving up on him.” Because there is only so much of your time, energy and emotions you can give to a man who isn’t even willing to meet you halfway, right?

6. Emotional Strength Is Necessary

Look. Here’s the thing – humans are hardwired to get emotionally dependent on the first person who shows them the slightest signs of attention. We’re pretty pathetic that way. However, when it comes to how to deal with an emotionally unavailable man, know that such behavior does not fly, which is why you need to maintain a distance from him so that you do not give a “I’m desperate, so please love me.” vibe to him. And in order to achieve that distance, you have to be emotionally strong.

7. Be Independent

Look. He’s your sex friend, nothing more. Do not look to him for emotional support and pretend that you’re best buddies. You’re not.

Plus, the more distance you maintain from him, the more interested he will be in you because such guys like women who can lead their own lives without being dependent on their partners.

8. Don’t Read in Between the Lines

If he says he likes hanging out with you, it literally just means he likes hanging out with you. It isn’t a secret message from his side indicating that he’s interested in something more with you. If he’s upfront enough to tell you that he only wants to fuck you, then he’s not the kinda guy who’ll drop subtle hints. If he truly wants to date you, he’ll say so.

9. Don’t Let Your Emotions Blind You

Let his actions speak louder than his words. If he always promises to meet you up but at the last moment stands you up because of work, family, or whatever BS reason he gives you – then know that he isn’t even showing you basic courtesy. Which is why...

10. It’s Okay to Be Angry at His Terrible Behavior

Just because you’re sex friends and your expectations are low from each other doesn’t mean he has the right to treat you howsoever he wishes. That’s an absolute no. Tell him that his behavior upsets you, and if that doesn’t bring about a change in his attitude then you better dump his douchebag ass. Because if that man doesn’t respect you enough, then you need to throw him out of your life.

11. Stay Alert for All These Red Flags

How to deal with an emotionally unavailable man? Knowing when to put your foot down. There’s a difference between giving him a chance, and turning a blind eye to all the wrongs that he does to you. Have a little more self respect, girl. There’s no scarcity of guys out there wanting to have sex with you, so why settle for someone who treats you poorly, or someone who won’t reciprocate your feelings?

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